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My story

I am Riri, Greek Girl born in the St.Petersburg, raised under Greek Sun and living in beautiful Athens! I am native in Greek and Russian, fluent in English and can also speak a bit of German. ——— Kalimera 😁

What do I do here?

I'm a freelancer photographer with over 3 years worth of experience in being a lifestyle photographer. I've worked with influencers, couples, and solo travelers. I am an outdoor person, I love all activities which let me enjoy the sun and the sea 🌊 I have a passion for travel, I have lived in Russia, Georgia and Germany and have visited more than 50 cities around the world! Also I'm into veggie eating and conscious lifestyle, as well as Yoga and Gym

What's the best of my city?

As for me one of the favourites things I love to do in Athens is to stroll. Walking from Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, around vibrant neighborhoods, iconic places, panoramic views, ancient monuments or sites like the Ancient Agora and then shortly finding myself on one of Athens’ gloriously wide boulevards that are dotted with neo-classical buildings. And that’s the beauty of Athens, the old and the new constantly overlapping each other. 💙 Also this city has everything you need and also the things that now you don't know you need, open-air market, small coffee shops, restaurants and taverns to go and sip on some rakomelo. As well as local shops with handmade sandals, cosmetics, T-shirts, vintage books, CDs, interesting Greek souvenirs, and almost everything you could wish for. People say that if you did not find something in Athens, then most likely you will not find it anywhere else or this item does not exist at all. 💙

My tours secret sauce

I know the city inside and out, best spots and its hidden gems, let's discover and enjoy together the real Athenian life! With me you can forget your phone and let me tell your story of your day in Athens that you can relive through the photos and video and experience we will create together! can't wait to shoot with YOU! 📸😃

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