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Jean-Sébastien Rego

Tour Guide in Santorini. I might be the most enthusiastic person you've ever met !



My story

Hey there, I'm Jean-Sébastien, but you can call me Sebi ! Six years ago, I left my IT career in Brussels, my hometown, and traveled around the world for 3 years. I immediately fell in love with Greece when I came here, and I never left !! Nowadays I'm a tour guide in Santorini, and I'm happier than ever !

What do I do here?

What I love most about being a guide is the human connection. And be prepared, I talk a lot ! My 3 passions are eating traditional food, hiking through untouched nature, and understanding the history behind everything we're surrounded by. And guess what ... Santorini has ALL OF IT !

What's the best of my city?

Santorini is well known for its picturesque whitewashed Cycladic villages. Everyone must visit the popular cliff-hugging hotspots suspended over the caldera. But there also hidden gems all over the island still mostly untouched by tourists. Santorini has the authentic charm of a traditional greek island with hamlets that lead to hilltop churches with the classic blue domes and iconic white homes. The island offers the best sweeping views, majestic sunsets and is surrounded by vineyards. You definitely want to make time to visit the lazy cafés, shaded squares with the picture perfect views no matter where you look.

My tours secret sauce

Endless enthusiasm, positive vibes, and laughter :-)

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