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Sohaib Saleem

Physiotherapist, Traveler, Photographer,Motivational Speaker

My story

Hi Dreamers, Istanbul must be your dream city to visit, congratulations for making it to come here. This is Sohaib Saleem i am 26 years old , a physiotherapist by profession. I belong to beautiful country of Pakistan. I moved to Istanbul for my Masters Education. Reason Behind choosing Istanbul was its beautiful Landscape, diversity of cultures, home of two continents and food. Turkish Language is a sweet language it really touches the strings of everyone's heart. Dont think just choose me and you will have best experience of your life.

What do I do here?

As one of the proudest backbencher from my university back in Pakistan to the front row of my faculty in Uskudar university , Istanbul to me is the best experience of my entire life, this city has everything that i need professionally for my carrier. I love this city, people around here and specially so many opportunities.I am looking forward to prove myself as best physiotherapist in the front-line row. This is just one part of my story for more hurry up join me and lets talk about each other's story during once in a lifetime experience of Istanbul.

What's the best of my city?

Bosphorus ! where ever you go in Istanbul you will only hear one word and that is Bosphorus the only connection which connect a city of one continent to the other one. Everytime when you go on a cruise trip you fall on love with it again and again.r Istiklal ! Street of taste , this street has everything that you want in food. you will find all turkish food places in one place. one of the best food streets in the world. Galata ! Either Galata Tower or Bridge you will have most beautiful and unique experience on each side, if you walk on the bridge it will give you the only chance to walk in between Asia and Europe and if you go up high on Galata Tower you can see the beautiful Bosphorus, Sultan Ahmet Cami, Aya sofia Cami and many more attractions of Istanbul from very high skies.

My tours secret sauce

I am a very interesting person , you will love exploring Istanbul with me with many activities, i am a good photographer, i will also give you best tips for fitness and health. your trip with me will be unforgettable as i have experience of arranging more than 50 trips in 10 years in two countries and several cities.Lets Explore the actual beauty of Istanbul with me in the form of Combo of EuroAsia.

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