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Svetlana Rogovtsova

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My story

I've always dreamt of living in Saint Petersburg. I was painting it, following poets and musicians from this city on social media to get at least a glimpse of its cultural life. So, eventually, I moved here 3 years ago to study the theory of translation at Saint Petersburg State University and still can't believe it's happening to me.

What do I do here?

I am a translator, an English tutor, and a certified guide-interpreter in Saint Petersburg. If I happen to have some free time, I also translate subtitles for films and series. What I like most about being a guide is the opportunity to share my love for art and the city I live in. I figuratively call it "interpreting the city". I'm really into music, photography, art and theatre. I'm also a bit of a graffiti hunter, so I frequently sneak into open courtyards and thoroughfares to explore some "treasures".

What's the best of my city?

Saint Petersburg is the cultural center of Russia and is the most picturesque and romantic Russian city, often fairly compared to Amsterdam and Venice. Being a rather young city, it is exactly the place where the history of this country was being made. It's all about ecclectics in all aspects: from classicism to constructivism in architecture, from monochrome brandmauers to street art sancuaries, from city centre luxurity to quiet residential areas, from upscale restaurants to cosy bakeries. If you combine visiting palaces with exploring some non-touristic sites, you'll fully embrace the unique atmosphere of this city.

My tours secret sauce

I love both the glorious and inconspicuous, true to life sides of Saint Petersburg. I can guide you through the city centre with all its highlights, including the gorgeous collection of the Hermitage, but escaping the crowd. As the real life of Saint Petersburg is hidden behind luxurious facades, I will show you some secret thoroughfares and unique courtyards, full of art and local legends. We can also explore SPB by making a tram excursion, that definitely has a special flair. After getting tired of this urban side of life, we can recharge and have a good meal by the river or, even better, by the sea, which is one of the greatest benefits of living in Saint Petersburg. In case you are a veggie, I know the place where they serve the best falafel :) We can also have a walk in the parks of Peterhof, overlooking the Gulf of Finland, or parks of Pavlovsk, which often remind me of some mysterious forests described by romantic poets.

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