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Daria Afanasyeva

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My story

I came to France 12 years ago to join a Parish hotel & restaurant business school. When I was 25 years old I opened my first start-up: a cozy restaurant serving organic wines. I was always passionate about wine and food, curious about tasting new products and meeting enthusiastic producers, taste new concepts. 6 years after I opened my B&B next to St-Tropez. Guest and (of course!) gastronomy and art-oriented our "happy place", that's how my guests call our B&B, was more than just a small beachfront hotel. It became a community getting together foodies, hidden bars and authentic restaurants, art lovers. So it is my guests that I keep on advising activities and outstanding wineries visits who convinced me to organize my first tour. And then the idea of wine tasting on the boat has born. And then I've never stopped 😋

What do I do here?

I adore Provence and I never regret giving up my big city life. Provence is amazing but knows well to keep its secret. Besides lavender fields and important cities visiting the internet does not help. This most wayward French region is not an easy goal even for experienced travelers. People from the South of France appreciate a lot their calm, well-ordered life and of course their "apero" -after work wine drinking with colleagues and family. So it took me some time to find really outstanding places and producers, swimming into numerous public holidays and exceptional closings. Now it is official: I am local and be happy to make you enjoy its benefits together!

What's the best of my city?

To organize unforgettable picnics and photos in lavender fields - you guys definitely do not need a localie to manage it. But if you would like to discover secret Provence, eat delicious food in authentic family restaurants, meet locals which will be glad to share their passion for wine-making and learn you how to taste the wine, enjoy arty spots and beautiful landscapes - I will be your Tour de Provence guide 💜

My tours secret sauce

You are a foodie? Know nothing but want to learn more about wines? Enjoy wines & search for new wine experiences and knowledge? Will be happy to guide you through beloved Provence secret passages during my day trip options or organize a customized tour for you.

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