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Valeria D.

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My story

I have never planned on moving to Italy, although I've known I wanted to live abroad since I was probably 11 or 12. When I was 19 I was studying and working on TV back home, while also researching the study opportunities elsewhere - I was eyeing Paris and got accepted to the university there. When I started looking for a flat though, I've bumped into the sky-high prices and lots of bureaucracy (trust me when I say "lots"... I've lived in Italy for the past six years and I know what I mean 😅). Then, the opportunity to move to Italy came instead, and I had to decide quickly. Long story short, what was meant to be a gap year to enjoy Italy and learn a new language has turned into an ongoing adventure of being an expat in Bologna, my Italian undergraduate degree was then followed by a postgraduate study at the oldest university in the world, and Bologna is now refusing to let me go after we've been together for six years!

What do I do here?

Currently, I'm finishing my postgraduate degree in Information, Culture and Media Organisation at the University of Bologna, while also running a YouTube channel and an Insta-blog about life, travel, and food in Italy. I'm also a freelance writer and an *occasional* artist (sometimes it takes me literal ages to complete a new artwork... and I'm hardly ever satisfied with the result), and I'm on a constant quest for inspiration and new adventures (because life's boring without some adventure, right?😉) In the past, I used to work as a TV host (so moving on to YouTube seemed an almost natural passage in today's world) and I used to be an actress for about 4 years (my undergraduate degree was in Theatre studies, actually). When I say I'm thriving on new adventures, that could be anything from tasting new food to a spontaneous trip to a bohemian evening at an art exhibition to trying a new sport or taking up a random new workshop - whatever it is that sounds like a good time!

What's the best of my city?

Short answer: because Bologna is a forever young city. And I'd be unashamed to say that this is already a good enough reason to visit Bologna, but I could also find a bunch of other convincing reasons, so why not, let's get to the long answer. Bologna is home to some of the best-known Italian products and dishes. Really, what could be more convincing than lasagna, tortellini, mortadella, and spaghetti bolognese (but never call them this way here - I'll explain why when you arrive). Bologna has the tastiest gelato in Italy (promise, that's not only my opinion). The oldest university in the world is located here (once again, aging is non-existent in Bologna, and I think this might be one of the reasons for that). Obviously, the city has a bustling nightlife and offers a wide range of permanent and temporary events and exhibitions for all tastes. Oh, and the location! You can easily get to Bologna from anywhere in Italy - and you have plenty of opportunities for day trips to explore more.

My tours secret sauce

My love story with Bologna didn't start as love at first sight - so I know exactly WHAT is needed to make someone fall in love with this city. I'll show you the real Bologna, and I'll tell you all kinds of amusing stories (I'm really bad at remembering dates and names, so even if I throw in an occasional historical fact it'd most probably be a story of local witches or prominent love affairs or something like that). Obviously, if it's your first time in Bologna you don't have to worry - we'll check out the most famous landmarks too, just from a different angle (because even the most famous places have their secrets... and I'm lucky to know some of them!). I'll share my top tips for visiting this city, will advise you where to eat well (while paying less, but shhh 🤫) and will absolutely make sure you see for yourselves why Bologna makes you feel younger, no matter how old you were when you came here.


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