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My story

Hi! I have lived in many different countries. But only here in Costa BravaI I found what I was looking for. This is a combination of a huge number of sunny days round the year, pine forests, mountain nature, a variety of rocky bays with yellow sandy beaches and amazingly clear water. Here I discovered many interesting corners with a rich history, architecture, great food and centuries-old culture.ut

What do I do here?

Before moving to Lloret de Mar in Costa Brava, I worked for a long time as an IT engineer in telecommunications and loved travel to the new destinations. Long time ago, since graduating from the Naval Academy, I dreamed of sailing yachts and now I can devote myself to this dream after moving here. Living here I travel a lot to the surrounding places and all the time I discover new and new amazing places.

What's the best of my city?

Costa Brava is more than two hundred kilometers of the coastal zone filled with natural, architectural, gastronomic and cultural treasures for any budget travelers and tourists. The most important thing is that anywhere in the Costa Brava are hidden unforgettable and unique corners, the memory of which will remain for life. Which I am ready to show to you.

My tours secret sauce

During one day you can go skiing or just drive by car in neighboring Andorra and the Pyrenees, and in the evening swim in the sea and go for a dinner in a coastal restaurant with a divine view. For those who like the cozy streets of medieval cities, enjoy the history, architecture and local cuisine, there is a huge selection of places, often located from each other at a distance just 20-40 minutes by car. There are a lot of places where the road itself by car or bicycle consists of a string of beautiful views of the mountains and the sea. For lovers of hiking trails, there are hundreds of trails of varying lengths from wildlife to coastal rocky paths. And most with access to beautiful places, viewpoint terraces and restaurants with delicious local cuisine. Fans of boat trips with views of the rocky coast have a huge selection from sea trams to yachts, motor boats and kayaks.

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