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My story

Why Cape Verde? There are two answers to this question. The first one is obvious: because we like to be here! Here everything we dreamed about: a mild climate, an endless, majestic and warm ocean, the availability of all the necessary benefits of civilization and a friendly attitude towards visitors. Another answer is not easy to formulate. The atmosphere, habitat, rhythm of life and its way of life are conditional, subjective concepts. But there is something here that is difficult to describe in words - leisurely and calmness, good nature and unobtrusiveness, the smooth flow of life, filled with natural joys ... You can feel it right away. And when we first appeared here - eight years ago - we realized that we definitely want to come again. And having arrived again, we realized that we want to stay forever.

What do I do here?

I am a social psychologist by profession and have worked in sales for many years. Vladimir's specialty is economics and management. In recent years, we have worked together - in the top management of large logistics companies. We are from St. Petersburg, but for work we have traveled half of Russia, lived for a long time in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. So, we had wealth, achievements, and a completely successful career. But all this did not bring happiness, a feeling of fatigue accumulated. Having moved here, to the Cape Verde Islands, we decided to completely change our lifestyle - to do what has always been postponed due to lack of time; something that really inspires and brings pleasure. I returned to music, which I seriously studied in my youth. Vladimir has long been fond of photography and video.

What's the best of my city?

Mindelo is the second largest city in Cape Verde after Praia. In fact, it is the only big city that has a real, authentic life. It has, in principle, everything. Any trade, any services, all the necessary attributes of a civilization. Here is the country's largest seaport, an international marina for yachts - Marina de Mindelo, an international airport named after Cesaria Evora - the legendary Morna performer and the main celebrity of Cape Verde. The island of São Vicente is her homeland. Mindelo is her hometown. Here is her house. Her image is present everywhere here, her songs are still heard in all local restaurants and cafes. The city was founded by the Portuguese pioneers. In the historical center, many buildings have been preserved - monuments of colonial architecture. One of the pearls of Mindelo is the Lazinha beach, located in the city center - 500 meters of white shell sand, a transparent turquoise ocean, where you can swim all year round.

My tours secret sauce

If you are in Mindelo on a short visit (came on a yacht / cruise ship) or came as “savages”, we will gladly conduct a detailed city tour for you: we will show you the places praised by Cesaria Evora, the best locations for photos and viewpoints. We organize a photo session- Vladimir does this professionally. We will rent a car and drive through the places praised by the Barefoot Diva: Calhau, Praia Grande, Praia do Norte, Baia das Gatas, Salamansa. We will climb Monte Verde - the highest point of the island. Contact us and we will discuss the route that you like. We know that it is not easy to be in a foreign city where few people speak a language that you understand. We will help in solving everyday problems: where to buy food; replenish yacht supplies, rent a car, have a tasty meal, withdraw or exchange money. We will help you call your family and friends without spending crazy amounts in roaming. We will try to make your stay easy and memorable. We are waiting for you in Cape Verde!

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