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My story

So the first I came to Barcelona was in the summer of 2016, for a 5 day trip. I did my touristy touring and I fell in love with the city immediately. After that trip, all I could think of was how Barcelona is the place of my dreams. In 2017, I was like, ok, let's see if there's something for you. So I booked the ticket and came to spent the entire summer here. I wanted to live like a local, see what it feels like. And I did. I didn't want to go back to Vienna, where I lived at that point. This year, once I graduated, I finally moved, for good. Barcelona is the sexiest city of dreams. Passion is in the air, sangria in your hands and try not to move your hips! Oasis of happiness and passion in the heart of Europe!

What do I do here?

Zeljana is a very ambitious lady who never stops when it comes to making her dream come true. At the same time, someone who loves life and enjoys every moment of it. Z: I've studied in Vienna, Austria. Moved to Barcelona to finally be in a country where they don't mind how loud I am, and dinner is served past 7 pm. I work as a freelancer for a crocheting magazine. Yes, I crochet. But no, I do not write patterns. I'm in digital marketing, in charge of our social media accounts. What you should know about me: I love to read, to write, photography and to talk. I was a singer before, but I retired my rockstar dreams and decided to tackle the business world.

What's the best of my city?

I LOVE how you can find something for everyone. Name it and you can have it. There's a sea of options: when it comes to food, attractions, drinks, places to party and people. People will start talking to you whenever help you and make you feel like you belong. The belonging that I felt from the first moment I was here, was what kept me coming back.

My tours secret sauce

You won't get bored, that's a promise. I am someone who knows good food, good coffee and I can promise a great conversation. Very open-minded and energetic. If you are instagrammer/influencer, I can take great pics of you, edit them and all you have to do is post them and show off :D

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