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My story

I came to London from Moscow in early 2022 to finally reunite with my long-distant-relationship partner, and stayed here for love. Can't even explain how current events affected our family, but the timing of leaving Russian could not be possibly better - it made me believe that sometimes you just really need wait and trust life. In my life I traveled quite a lot, but never had opportunity to live somewhere for a long time, so this experience is still very unique for me. Finding new people, exploring the city on a daily basis, not just for weekend fun and pleasure, being deeply open to new, and listening more than judging and comparing - that's the things I found vital to make London feel like home. And I could not be more happy here now x

What do I do here?

Currently I'm working on my own start up that will help you to find the very best cultural events and experiences all around Europe, curated by the most trustworthy people in the industry, and as simple as swiping on Tinder. I always had a huge passion for art in general, and theatres in particular. Before COVID my casual weekend could look like a 1 day trip to Berlin just to see the ballet I was craving for - you know, those lowcosters were too tempting to say no. Times changed, as my flight schedule, but my passion is still there and got even stronger. For many years I was an art concierge for all of my friends, recommending them what to see and where to go, booking tickets and finding last-minute opportunities, but now it's time to make it global, so wish me luck x

What's the best of my city?

Because London is one of the most incredible places on Earth! Of course, coming here for the first time, you need to fill in the check box of all the top tourist attractions, but sometimes I find exploring new areas and people-watching more helpful for understanding the city. London is the most multicultural city I've ever been to - and I mean it. There's unique life attitude and openness that you need to see, and it's the key to London's heart. So, get your check-lists out, but be ready to leave space for something unexpected and unforgettable.

My tours secret sauce

Let's be honest - I'm not a tour guide, so if you need the information about Henry VIII wives or cobbled stone pavements, please Google it before we meet and tell me about it. My approach is to help you to see the city that I deeply love, to show you its beauty, and sometimes even ridiculousness, that make it so special. London is much more than just a city, it's a way of thinking and approaching life, and I hope you can take something from it too. London is an endless dialogue, so will be our walks!

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