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Anna Khramova

Your friend from Milan: fun, easy-going, expert in delicious food and atmospheric places

My story

While I was living in Russia, I always dreamed of walking along cozy tiny streets with the smell of delicious coffee, have the possibility to travel cheap and live a calm European life. It wasn’t easy and I’ve had some adventures, but at the end I applied for a master's degree at Politecnico di Milano so here I am after 3 years of living in Milan: ready to show you only the best of it! Fate is a strange thing, and Milan is definitely mine. I moved here in 2018, and since then this city has held me tightly. Milan made me fall in love with it, and it opened up to me from incredible sides, and revealed the best version of me. This city showed me that being a tourist and being a resident here are 2 different things, and the second is much cooler! I will be happy to show it to you 😜

What do I do here?

Now I am Project Manager of innovative projects at IKEA Italy. But first things first… After finishing my master's degree, I started looking for a job in Milan. My major after graduation was innovation management, and, to my great happiness, I was accepted as an intern at IKEA for the position of Innovation & Co-creation intern even before defending my diploma. After a six-month internship, IKEA offered me a contract, and now I am doing the most interesting job in a company with an incredibly friendly atmosphere and team. I will gladly satisfy your curiosity and tell you more about work and about my company! In my free time, I just LOVE walking around the city center, riding a bike and exploring new tasty places. I have compiled a huge list of where to go for an aperitif, and where is the most delicious Milanese chop, where you need to taste the famous risotto allo zafferano or Sicilian sweetness - cannolo. My lists are waiting for you with an incredible desire to make you happier!

What's the best of my city?

Milan for me is the right balance of modernity and history. The best feature of Milan is that if you know where to look, you can find ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING here! Antique architecture, sculpture and painting museums, flea markets and second-hand markets, as well as heavy luxury shops. Here you can find fancy quarters with modern architecture side by side with the cutest old courtyards and castles. In Milan you can have a great dinner both in a Michelin-starred restaurant and in a tiny eatery next to the duomo. Here you can go in for extreme sports, or you can go to performances at La Scala. You just need to know where and with whom to go, and possibly have a few Milanese friends ready to advise you on cool places. If you do not have them keep calm because among my friends more than half are originally Milanese (Milanese DOC as they call them here), and I will tell you all of their secrets while walking😍

My tours secret sauce

Milan is not like many European cities, it is unique. It is much more than just the Duomo and the center, it is more dynamic than many cities, even larger ones. If you are into sports, we can ride bikes or scooters all day (I have a lot of cool routes!). We can lie on the grass of one of the cozy squares or run through the Christmas markets. If you love to look from a height like me, we will climb the most breathtaking viewing points (and we also can drink aperol on some of them 😜). We will eat very, very VERY tasty! Well, the most unforgettable thing I can do for you: to create a route according to your personal request, and take pictures of you in the most photogenic points of Milan. At the end of the day, I will edit a video for you and send you all your photos so that your trip to Milan will be remembered for a long time. If you wish I will tell you a huge number of Italian secrets, cultural features and easy language learning tips, which you can share with your loved ones 😊

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