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Anastasia Gvozdeva

A girl in love with her city, country, and its people. Working in the arts. Traveller & storyteller.

My story

I was born in Moscow, and since early age my mother used to take me into the city for walks. We'd just get off the train at some random station in the city centre and go exploring. At some point I started doing it myself. I had a paper map from a newsstand which was my first companion, and I keep it still. I learned about big streets and small lanes, hidden backyards, coffeeshops that smell like magic and houses that used to be, and still are, some special people's homes. There are so many incredible stories around every corner of this city, from way back in the history till this very moment, and throughout my life here I've learned quite some of them. Now I want to show you my city the way I see it, to make sure you are charmed by it just as much as I am.

What do I do here?

I work at a contemporary art foundation which is about to open a huge cultural public space in the city centre of Moscow, and thus I am a dreamer, and art is a big passion of mine. I think that traveling and art have one thing in common, which is the biggest reason they both are the two things I can't imagine my life without. They are about looking beyond, opening your mind and heart to new experiences, emotions, and knowledge. I love looking for more whatever I do, and meeting interesting people who invest themselves into the development of their cities for me is a very important part of traveling, it can tell you a lot about the place.

What's the best of my city?

First of all, Moscow is living history. It's a huge chaotic megapolis where traces of Russian history are just hiding around every corner — you just need to know where to look. It is not preserved like lots of historical cities would be, but the stories are still here, living side by side with the new life of the city. So, secondly, I love Moscow for the people who live there. I've never seen such a density of creative, innovative and inspiring people in one place, and yet again, you need to know where to find them. Thirdly, despite it's chaos, it is a very beautiful and sometimes cozy city, with lots of old and new public spaces, parks, hidden spots never-ending local life. With time, thanks to my work in tourism and culture, I got to know many people who make this city feel special, and I would be happy to tell you their stories and maybe even introduce you to some of them.

My tours secret sauce

As I have already written, I am here to share my love for the place I am very passionate about, take you to some hidden spots, tell stories from the past and the present and help you create the feeling of the city as we, loving locals, have. I know where the food is good, where the coffee is just the best, who makes the best pies and puts best music in the evenings. I know where to go for a weekend trip or even for a week getaway further away in the country, because I keep exploring my city and country myself, I keep meeting the special people to help it grow day by day, and I am very eager to share it with you.

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