In April 2020, Localie launched several services: online tours, news, blog… and many more are coming! It takes a lot of resources to create quality content. If you like what we do and you want us to develop this project further, support us by buying a “Localie.Plus" subscription. In return, we will provide you with a number of exclusive benefits when using the platform.

Subscription fee - €9.99 per month

What does Localie.Plus provide me?

💥 Unlimited access to a full archive of online tours. Did you miss a live of an online walk in Paris? Watch it in our archive of recordings, whenever and wherever you want! While a free plan allows you to watch live streams only, with a paid subscription you can review all recorded tours sorted by the city. 💥 Access to our global community and ability to communicate with any localie on the platform: ask for questions, ask for advice - like in a social network! 💥 Unlimited access to hundreds of travel guides and checklists full of undiscovered gems to make every trip special and unique. 💥 For every traditional offline tour you will receive a membership discount of €9.99. In total, a tour will cost you: half-day for €79.01 (instead of €89); all day for €119.01 (instead of €129).

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