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Tel Aviv: from hipster quarter to real urban favelas; from American village to the old city of Jaffo!

There's no such thing as a typical Tel Aviv neighborhood, each one of them is truly unique, with different history and crowd. And they keep changing! I moved here 10 months ago and already can't recognise some streets. On our tour we will walk around the southern Tel Aviv that is famous for it's down to earth, artistic and free spirit. We will explore: - "little Mexico" of the French quarter (only I call it that, but I have my reasons) - Heart of the city, Rothschild Boulevard - hipster, LGBT & art quarter Florentin - real urban favelas - American village - and finish in the old city of Jaffo to see the sunset. Bring your own hummus ;)


June 03, 2020
12:00 - 13:00 | GMT



Dasha Ilyashenko

Dasha Ilyashenko

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