Explore post-Soviet countries: Kazakhstan, Almaty

31 July 2020

Hey everyone! I'm Victoria, your localie in Kazakhstan! (Don't be afraid of -stan) 😉 This Friday I have a chance to introduce you to the best city in my country - Almaty. I call it "the best city" not only because I was lucky to be born here, however it is what my friends say who has visited it. They are always happy to come back here. Almaty is a pretty post-soviet city with modern changes. Together we are gonna explore downtown, how busy and at the same time quiet it can be, some historical facts that affected our nowadays life. But the main thing about the city is nature around. It's mountains you can reach in 20 minutes and hide from summer hotness at 2200 meters above sea level, it's lakes in the mountains and many other great things that we gonna discuss. Catch up here on Friday, July 31st at 14:00 CET 🏔

Victoria Chael

Victoria Chael

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