Christmas in Florida, aka Green Christmas in Flip-Flops 🎅🏼☀️

15 December 2020

Hello 👋 I’m Anna, your localie in Orlando! It is a bit strange having no snow during the holiday season for me. Even after 9 years, it is hard to get used to😅 But there is always a bright side - no need to shovel snow or to dress in million layers. We build a sandman and surf in Santa's hat to create holiday cheer. We drink cold beer 🍻 and hot chocolate. We spend all our time at the parks watching parades, shows, and fireworks 💥 This year is going to be different (for obvious reasons! 🦠) but we will never stop saying Happy Holidays right around this time. 📌Join me on Sunday, December 15 at 17:00 CET to walk along the streets of Winter Park FL, and see what people are up to

Anna A

Anna A

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