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Alexandra Bobrik

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My story

I came to Saint-Petersburg when I was only 5 years old, so I consider it my home city. My mother is in love with architecture and art so she dragged me to all kinds of museums and art exhibitions. But really I fell in love with Saint-P when I was student. I enjoyed long walks, water, coffee in small cosy places. Later I realised that I can't live without good food, wine and travel. So I became sommelier, worked in different bars and restaurants, travel to all kinds of wine making countries. But I still enjoyed coming back to my city.

What do I do here?

When I was sommelier, I tried to make people realise that wine is cool)) and also that food is not only thing that keeps you alive, but big part of human culture and history. My mom always told me not to make cult out of food. So I did. Now I search new ways of expressing my passion.

What's the best of my city?

I really enjoy that there is so much water here. We have gulf of Finland, Ladoga lake, lots of rivers and channels. And city is very beautiful from water. completely different. Also I like people. They are passionate, artsy, different. The ones that are in love with city always have smiles on their faces.

My tours secret sauce

I' m a sommelier and foodie, so I know all tastiest places in the city. in every part of Saint-P I can find cosy cafe or good bar. I can teach you what bur humping is. Also I know all classical places, museums and palaces. I can take you to classical excursion and add alternative places of interest.

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