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Dasha Ilyashenko

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My story

I wanted to try living in another country for a long time and considered moving to Amsterdam, Spain, or San-Francisco. But in the end, it turned out that making Aliyah to Israel is the best option! It's the country with European mentality (well, we try), with great climate and diverse nature, super interesting and rapidly developing society. And finally - I got citizenship right upon my arrival at Ben Gurion airport :) Attitude to immigrants here is very friendly and welcoming here.

What do I do here?

I studied journalism at Moscow State University, then traveled around the world for about a year and did freelancing in SMM. Then for 4 years, I worked at IT startup BlaBlaCar as a community and project\product manager. I moved to Tel Aviv to change my life and follow my passions: urbanism and contemporary art. With a small team that I gathered here, we want to open a creative cluster and are doing small projects like public-made art objects, exhibitions and local community events on the way.

What's the best of my city?

Tel Aviv is Berlin with the sea. That's my favorite way to describe it cause it explains it all! Same love to techno parties, art everywhere done by everyone, negligence, LGBT community, soft drug policy, even Bauhaus architecture! But combined with warm weather 10\12 month, delicious food in any place you go, southern hospitality, almost tropical nature and of course sea

My tours secret sauce

Stroll around Tel Aviv neighborhoods and notice the striking difference between them, visit the studio of my artists friends in the artistic quarter, explore the labyrinth of a 7-floor biggest bus (one floor is dedicated to graffiti), introduce tropical plants and pick the edible ones, visit the Israeli market, travel to Jerusalem for a pub crawl, go to underground techno or electronic party and most importantly – meet locals, my friends, who will give an even wider perspective on the city.

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