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    Sandra U

    Art and philosophy student and eternal self-sea...

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    Sara Plummer

    American expat in the city of lights

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    Adventurer, Professional Tourist Guide & Photog...

    No matter who your localie is and where you're traveling to. The price is the same.

    This flat fee is effective for up to 4 travellers, applied for every localie and destination you choose. 5+ is twice the standard rate.

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    We're helping to craft the best possible itinerary, keeping you away from the tourist bubble.

    A tour with Localie is more than just a tour.

    From the road trips to remote sightseeing to accommodation and photoshoot. Click on service to get more details.

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    Why Localie?

    Localie is a brand new way to discover new cities and countries. Contrary to guided tours and traveling on your own, Localie takes you out of a tourist bubble and helps find the most authentic local experiences and hidden gems, unknown to the users of Tripadvisor 😉

    Find out how


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    Luis Martinez



    For the past 40 years my mom has told her friends and family that her dream was to go to Paris. She was able to make that dream come true in April 2023. We were so blessed to have Judyta with us to help make my mom’s experience even more magical. My mom and I are known for our stiff smiles in our family pictures. I wanted beautiful pictures of my mom sipping coffee in Paris, but I wasn’t sure how to make that happen. Judyta’s warmth and kindness and love of Paris helped create the perfect mood for my mom to relax and smile 😀 We had the most lovely day learning about Paris and enjoying Judyta’s recommendations for lunch and dessert. Yum! And now we have beautiful pictures to remember this special trip. Judyta helped to make my mom’s dream come true and I am forever gratefu

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    Ryan Kilstein



    We walked Paris with Judy last week and loved our time with her!

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    Deidre Struck



    My two daughters (ages 11 and 14) and I absolutely loved our tour with Sara! We told her we like chocolate, spooky stories, and beautiful views. She crafted a tour for us in Montmartre that delivered on all counts, and more! We walked by cemeteries and down cute little streets, avoiding most of the throngs of tourists as we wound our way up toward the back side of Sacré Cœur. The girls were able to get photos in an old photomat booth, the best hot chocolates they’ve ever had, and the best views of the city by going all the way up to the dome of Sacré Cœur through a side entrance. We had so much fun and made memories for a lifetime. Thank you, Sara!!!


    Paris is not what they say. Paris is capricious, and it means the city will show you the face it will choose itself. Paris can be as romantic as we see it in movies, as we read about it books, as the artists show Paris to us on thousand canvaces. It can treat with wine, charming smiles, mesmerizing street songs... But be careful, it can be also smug and rude, it can feed you with tasteless food and poison you with mocking looks of arrogant waiters in the central cafés. That's why it's important getting to know the city with the local in Paris. Our locals with introduce you to Paris as an old friend - and it will surely open its warm electrifying embrace.


    We aim to make every trip simple, affordable, and exciting for everyone


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