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Brooke Forth

🇺🇸 in Paris

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Polina Karassiova

Artist, photographer, model

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Sandra U

Art and philosophy student and eternal self-sea...

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Oksanа Mitrofanova

Aesthetics and food lover ❤️

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A curious monkey

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Giovanna Sá

Creative and travel lover

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Maria Volkova

Art historian

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Justyna W.

I work in the IT environment, I like travelling...

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Adventurer & Photographer

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Sara Plummer

American expat in the city of lights

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Zoë Brant

Family friendly explorer

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Will Brewster

A creative

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I had an amazing walking experience with Oxana! My wish was to see street art and walk around Monmartre, also find a good view to Eiffel tower. It was my third time in Paris, so I didn't need touristic locations. Oxana did a great job! We saw a lot f street art objects, walked around Monmartre and at the end she showed me a fantastic point of view to the Eiffel tower! I was so excited during the whole walk! Oxana is a super interesting person with lots of energy, nice sense of humour and generally has a very positive vibe. I enjoyed my experience so much!


Paris is not what they say. Paris is capricious, and it means the city will show you the face it will choose itself. Paris can be as romantic as we see it in movies, as we read about it books, as the artists show Paris to us on thousand canvaces. It can treat with wine, charming smiles, mesmerizing street songs... But be careful, it can be also smug and rude, it can feed you with tasteless food and poison you with mocking looks of arrogant waiters in the central cafés. That's why it's important getting to know the city with the local in Paris. Our locals with introduce you to Paris as an old friend - and it will surely open its warm electrifying embrace.

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