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The Founder of Localie

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Maria Khvorostenko

Fun, full of energy and very creative 😜

No matter who your localie is and where you're traveling to. The price is the same.

This flat fee is effective for up to 4 travellers, applied for every localie and destination you choose. 5+ is twice the standard rate.

Half a Day

Usually 3-4 hours


Whole Day

Usually 6-8 hours


Brisk Walk

Usually 1-2 hours



We're helping to craft the best possible itinerary, keeping you away from the tourist bubble.

A tour with Localie is more than just a tour.

From the road trips to remote sightseeing to accommodation and photoshoot. Click on service to get more details.

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Trip Planning


Why Localie?

Localie is a brand new way to discover new cities and countries. Contrary to guided tours and traveling on your own, Localie takes you out of a tourist bubble and helps find the most authentic local experiences and hidden gems, unknown to the users of Tripadvisor 😉



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This tour was fantastic. It was my second tour with Localie, and Nick was amazing! We started with a lovely well-paced walk around Amsterdam, and then we had a beautiful ride in the countryside. I was surprised how many things I saw in just one day! We visited castles, walked by the North Sea, and drove to Hague. Nick is always willing to answer questions, very kind and welcoming. Just a great atmosphere! In the end, he even gave me some suggestions on where to eat and other places to visit. I would highly recommend Amsterdam tour with Nick and Localie in general!

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Anastasiia Dolgodush



We had a memorable time with Localie Nick in Amsterdam. It was so fun! Nick, being not only the expert, but also a person truly inspired with what he does, showed us the city from different angles: quiet and fancy non tourist districts, hippie district and most popular tourist destinations of Amsterdam. We also did lovely boat trip along the famous water channels. Nick also gave us a lot of valuable advice before the tour, and took such a good care of each member of our family. What a trip, what a Localie! 😍 Cheers, Anastasiia

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Tanya Kononykhina



When we walked around Amsterdam and The Hague, I got the impression that I was walking with a good old friend. Nick created an unforgettable experience in Holland for our family. A visit to a cafe on the embankment in the evening near the North Sea gave a special charm to the trip. I highly recommend Nick. I would remember that cocoa he brought for my child, the charming secret streets and courtyards of Amsterdam, persistent seagulls while we eat super delicious herring in Den Haag and the warm hospitality of his family. I am very glad that I was able to see not only the touristic Holland but also the real one, as the locals see it thanks to the Localie service. Thanks, Nick! You run an awesome project!


The best trips are those hosted by like-minded locals, our friends who know their city very well and truly love it. Localie enables this experience for everyone and everywhere - even when you don’t have any friends in the country you’re visiting.

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