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Golden domes, wide streets and silent courtyards - the city of million facets
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Musician, singer, vocal coach, linguist and tra...


 It's always great to meet new interesting people, see different cultures and speak different languages. Usually people I meet are very open-minded...

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Writer and film-maker

Moscow surprises with its many faces. You wanna the capital's hustle and bustle? You are welcome. The quiet streets in European style? No problem, I'll show you t...

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A rambler

Moscow is a megapolis, one of the biggest cities of the world. It's modern one with wide range of cool places, bar and restaurants, parks and water attractions. E...

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Dylan Ferguson

A language lover, learner and teacher

In Moscow, I am constantly impressed with how the city contrasts and contradicts itself. It is so modern, yet so traditional / old-fashioned in some aspects for l...

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Ryan James Grieco

a knowledgeable and super cool guy who can get ...

It's such an international city that you can really find anything here. Outside of Asia, Moscow is one of the 3 or 4 biggest cities in the world. It's got the dis...

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Maria Gromova

171 cm of joy :)

For me, Moscow is not just the best city in the world - it is a place where a song can “float” and a heart can “sing”....) Every building here breathes with inte...


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Moscow is not what it seems. Perhaps you think that Moscow is the noisy and chaotic capital of the biggest country of the world. And you would be right. But we are telling you that Moscow is cozy, quiet and mysterious. And we would be also right. That's why it's important to discover Moscow with locals. We will show you Moscow you've never thought existed.

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