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Golden domes, wide streets and silent courtyards - the city of million facets
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Allison Gouskos

Writer, explorer, animal lover, foodie, and soc...

When I first moved here, Moscow seemed a bit daunting, and to be honest, a little scary. However, I quickly discovered that most of the preconceived notions I ha...

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Manager in IT-company

Twelve years ago I graduated from the Moscow University of Culture and Arts. I live and work in this city till this day. I'm always happy to share my knowledge in...

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Vita Bogdanovskaya

Nice and friendly person. I love my city and I ...

Moscow is a really modern and beautiful city. Moscow is huge and noisy but it’s wonderful! Moscow never sleeps. And everyone can find there self-interests. I wi...

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Elya Danilyuk

TV-newsmaker, photographer, traveller

I like sport and the way how to get it here in Moscow For example, we have free tennis courts, free playgrounds for ping-pong and many other activities. Also Mosc...

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Elif Cifci

a curious human

I personally enjoy spending some time walking in the backstreets to discover some hidden gems; structures with local texture, small and cosy cafés, book&vinyl sho...

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Marketing manager with a passion for culture an...

Living in Moscow for more than 20 years and absolutely fascinated by history of the city! Professional occupation: brand management and marketing communications. ...


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Moscow is not what it seems. Perhaps you think that Moscow is the noisy and chaotic capital of the biggest country of the world. And you would be right. But we are telling you that Moscow is cozy, quiet and mysterious. And we would be also right. That's why it's important to discover Moscow with locals. We will show you Moscow you've never thought existed.

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