Saint Petersburg

European face. Russian roots.
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Daria Zotova

Professional Licensed Guide

My city is only a bit older than 300-years but still, it has a huge story behind. A lot of important historical events happened here. You will be surprised how Eu...

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I know all the secrets of the city on Neva rive...

Our northern capital is famous for its buildings and squares, long embankments and marvelous bridges. But do you know another side of the city? Saint Petersburg i...

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Eve Savulkina

Lover of the global traditions and the local te...

Here in Saint-Petersburg you will be fascinated by its beauty and unbelievable mixture of underground (modern art) movements with the organism that Peter the firs...

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urban explorer, St. Petersburg stalker

I was born and bred in St.Petersburg. Growing up in the city center I developed love to its perfect architecture forms, windy evenings and white summer nights. As...

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art-guide, director of events and performances,...

Petersburg differs from all cities of the world in its unique atmosphere. It`s a friendly atmosphere filled with creativity and inspiration. This city will unders...

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tour guide, content creator for sm, finding aes...

Saint Petersburg is well advertised for "white nights" period but city is awesome during spring and fall as well. After being an imperial capital for practically ...


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Saint Petersburg is the European dream of Russian heart. That's why this city is incomparable. They say Saint Petersburg is the Northern Venice, but of course it is much more. It is not only the beautiful architecture above the endless cold canals, it is the cradle of great Russian emperors, the capital of Soviet Revolution, the tragic hostage of Siege in the World War II, the treasury of the incredible artistic heritage and the immovable guardian of rich Russian culture. It is the big Saint Petersburg. There is also the small Saint Petersburg. It is hidden in the courtyards, on the roofs, in the cosy cafés, in all the soulful corners only locals know about. Explore Saint Petersburg with Localie and the city will open to you some of its precious secrets.

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