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Emir Bengiserp

Musician, Cook, Amateur Photographer, Coffee Mo...

I like the harmony of disorder in Istanbul. As one of the first multi-cultural city, Istanbul is a massive place housing numerous cultures with it's historical te...

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Çağla Şenel

I was born and live in İstanbul and also I am M...

My favorite place is Grand Bazaar. If you like to shop with good prices I am very well on bargain :) I mostly like walking around Sultanahmet area. I feel old tim...

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Cem Bağdatlı

Living is a delight

Istanbul is full of stories and experiences. It is the East and it is the West. History is rich, food is yummy, street life is vibrant. We like to party like the...

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Shayla Kay

artist, multilingual lady, turkish teacher

The desire to find happiness in the magically silent alleys of Istanbul is the dream of many who come here. I don't call my Istanbul a dream. My Istanbul is real...

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Dreamer, cat lover, traveller

I love how It is ancient, and I love how It is modern. I love how It is on Europe and on Asia. I love the rhythm of it. Also I love the cats of Istanbul. I am als...

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Ege Yilmaz

Full time engineer, part time traveler

Istanbul is a city which is between 2 continents, I will make sure that you are going to enjoy both in Asian and European sides and discover the hidden gems ;) P...


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Istanbul is a multi-colored giant that connects completely different parts of the world - Europe and Asia. It is not surprising that the city mixed all the most contrasting. Istanbul survived after the tsunami of history, but it didn't collapse, it has stood. But every stroke of time was imprinted on the city's body like a tattoo. You can't spend a couple of days in Istanbul, visit a few places from the guidebooks and say that you've been here. The city will not probably open to you its special heart, and you'll be able to see only the cover. You must dive into Istanbul, breath it deeply in lungs. And our locals will help you to do it smoothly - they will lead you along secret paths to places where you'll hear the heartbeat of Istanbul.

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