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Saint Petersburg
European face. Russian roots.

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Saint Petersburg is the European dream of Russian heart. That's why this city is incomparable. They say Saint Petersburg is the Northern Venice, but of course it is much more. It is not only the beautiful architecture above the endless cold canals, it is the cradle of great Russian emperors, the capital of Soviet Revolution, the tragic hostage of Siege in the World War II, the treasury of the incredible artistic heritage and the immovable guardian of rich Russian culture. It is the big Saint Petersburg. There is also the small Saint Petersburg. It is hidden in the courtyards, on the roofs, in the cosy cafés, in all the soulful corners only locals know about. Explore Saint Petersburg with Localie and the city will open to you some of its precious secrets.

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I am not a supporter of well-known and popular places and views such as from postcards. During my travels, I do not try to see all the museums, bridges or towers ...

Anna Chudakova

English teacher at AtomProject

I'm an English teacher and a guide in Saint-Petersburg. I enjoy travelling, yoga, hiking, playing the guitar. I like art, photography, theatre and learning new la...


photographer / pilot

I am from St. Petersburg, but 20 years lived in Moscow. Then came back and fall in love with my city again. I am a photographer, worked for many years in a gloss...

Olga Busaeva

designer, writer

Hello, my dear friends! Im glad to welcome you to Saint-Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. North Venice, as we call it. I know and have loved...

Katerina Korchevskaya

Business owner and director of 9 projects

All my 30 years I use to walk through St-Petersburg on foot. I know how to make it cultural, busy, tasty, loud and quiet, from the top of the roofs and from the u...

Daria Zotova


I am a native citizen of my lovely Saint Petersburg. My great grandmother used to be a student of Smolny institute - the most prestigious school for noble girls i...


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