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Natalia Tereshina
Student, traveller & former ballet dancer
My story

I lived for 2 years in Germany and for 1 year in Portugal, currently I am living in Saint Petresburg again. This is the city with the unique atmosphere and architecture, where almost every building is hiding an awesome story. Saint Petersburg is obviously my favourite city in Russia and I would like to share my passion about it with my guests:)

What do I do here?

I am a former ballet dancer, now I am studying psychology. I traveled a lot in Europe and Russia and have always planned trips on my own. I know how important it is to be guided by local people and how more useful their advices are, comparing to tour guides. I worked as a tour guide in Saint Petersburg and realised that standard tours are not my cup of tea. I know that touristic must-dos and must-sees will never help you to explore the most important things: the atmosphere of the city and the mentality of local people.

What's the best of my city?

Of course, the imperial part of Saint Petersburg with its palaces and parks is really impressive, but common houses are even more intriguing. Sometimes we want to know how life looked like for a regular inhabitant of a city and see spots, which did not become tourist sites. So this is the part I am concentrating on in my walks.

My tours secret sauce

St. Petersburg is famous for its unusual well-yards and apartment houses. We will get inside some of them and see original stucco, marble stairs and stained glass windows. We will walk through historical district, which is not overloaded by tourists. I am also keen on searching different unusual locations outside of the city and taking photos, so road trip and photoshoot are also possible:)

What are you good at your city?
  • places of interest
  • architecture
  • museums
  • history
I’d love to show you my city, and also:
Can make a roadtrip for traveler
Can accomodate a traveler overnight
Can help to plan a trip
Can make a photoshoot durin the tour

Example of tours I can organize

We don't do pre-defined or generic organized tours. The localie customizes each program according to your pesonal preferences and timing. Because you're in focus.