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Mexico is more than tacos 😉

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My story

After some travels and a couple of experiences living abroad, I decided CDMX (Mexico City from now on) had all I ever needed to live the life I wanted. I like nature, but I also like lovely buildings. I like modern neighborhoods, but I'm also attracted to places with history. I love finding the bests spots to eat good Mexican food (from restaurants to traditional markets) and yes, I take photos of it! LOL

What do I do here?

I'm a manager working remotely. My daily routine consists of phone meetings, so I like to go out to take a break. When I'm not enjoying nature, I enjoy CDMX or other cities within Mexico in my spare time. I usually visit coffee shops, wander its streets looking for tasty food in the local markets, and shop stuff that I don't need in local bazaars (I cannot help it, ha). Also, I like to meet with friends. Chances are, if you're OK with it, that we can hang with them, so you meet more locals! I also like playing domino :)

What's the best of my city?

Our people, food, and traditions create a magical town full of contrasts, sounds, colors, and smells. Any visitor is amazed by the difference between CDMX and any other city. Some places I can show you include the famous Lucha Libre, the best spot to sing along with a mariachi, photogenic local markets, or we can go biking into the city (Sundays are the best for this since all the major streets are closed for cars). If you're more into city views, I know the best spots to have a coffee and take photos of the whole city from the sky.

My tours secret sauce

I'm always taking photos, so chances are, you'll end up with lots of them ready to be shared on your Instagram. I'm also willing to help you with travel tips (within Mexico country) before and after our meeting via Whatsapp. Count on my help to provide you a list of the basic Spanish phrases you need, usual prices for stuff (so they don't take advantage of you), and if needed, where to get a quick covid test, so you can fly home safe. CDMX has all I like, and I'll be happy to show you my hidden treasures within this city and its surroundings. I'm sure you'll like them as well ;)

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