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My story

Oh, that’s an interesting story which I would tell you personally. I was an Au-Pair and worked as a nanny in one German family. When I wanted to change the surrounding atmosphere, I tried to visit different cities near me, that’s why I decided later to stay in this brilliant city and that’s why I’m here 🥰

What do I do here?

I’m Anastasia, and I’m a translator, that’s why we’ll find a way to speak to each other. I really love reading, visiting new beautiful places, and spending time with my friends. Do you want to be my friend and spend time in the great cafés of Göttingen with me?

What's the best of my city?

My city is beautiful. For example University. The Brothers Grimm, famous writers, started here their literature way. And not only they! Famous philosophers, artists, and so on! Let’s see it together!

My tours secret sauce

I live in Germany, Göttingen, and I’m ready to show you this beautiful city with lots of cultural things and fascinating corners. Just write me. We’ll visit shops, and restaurants and spend time perfectly.

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