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Denis Ganakov

Boardsports and travel addictive, professional guide and loyal fan of Minsk

My story

I was born and grow up in the center of Minsk. All my life, since my childhood I`ve been traveling around the world, but still Minsk is my favorite place to live. Minsk like a lock and I have a keys from it: local dj bars and best places to eat, natural parks to walk or ride by bike, spots to do boardsports, lake boat trips or enduro moto travel.

What do I do here?

I am professional snowboard rider, used to be an athlete and coach of the National team until 2010. Now my work is organising freeride camps around the world during the winter time and I am big kitesurf addictive during the summer. I have many stories about mountains and oceans, feel free to ask me about any of them and I would share with you. Most of the time except winter I am spending in Minsk, helping guests of Belarus to make their trip more convenient, interesting and memorable. As a big fan of my city I want to divide with the vibes of Minsk and with you.

What's the best of my city?

Minsk is great for the sports - addictive fans, architecture lovers, travelers who wants to get lost in the bars and first of all for the nature lovers. There are so many lovely places in the city, among my favorites: old city centre - Zybitskaya str. and district to walk around during day time or bar hopping during the night, hidden places and spaces at Oktyabrskaya str. for art and music lovers, parks near rivers to walk or ride by bike, Minsk sea lake for sailing on boat. If you interested in Soviet period we can visit a new interactive museum of WW2, go to Stalin line complex or just walk around center to enjoy the architecture of the Soviet period. If you are a boardsports fan like me we can go kitesurfing, wakeboarding or skateboarding together, take some enduro motorcycles to ride. In the evening we take a walk in places where a local party goes. Starting from fashion shows, concerts and restaurants, ending with parties, where girls gather to meet or techno parties with EDM.

My tours secret sauce

I am a totally local guy, know everything about my city. I have a car to make a city tour and a boat for Minsk sea tour or go outside with you if you would like to travel around Belarus. It's my passion to guide and show you how wonderful Minsk and Belarus is. Not only I would like to tell you all about the history, nature or architecture, but also feel you like a local. See you! Den

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