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Become a localie

So who is a localie?
Can I become one if I'm not a professional tour guide?

Yes of course you can! A Localie is an open, communicative and friendly person, and a citizen of the world. They have dreamt of life abroad and have managed to realise their dream!
Localies live all over the world, in hundreds of countries all the way from Moscow to Tokyo! Some of us study at university, others are highly qualified professionals who have built their career abroad. Localies can be anyone whether they be a scientist, a business owner or even just a lover of travel.

What should I do if I want to become a localie?

Submit an application

Be sure to leave us your social media links and details of another localie if you found us via word of mouth

Background check

We thoroughly check all applications. If there’s a match, we'll send you an email and invite you for a short video call.

Video call

This is the perfect way to get to know each other. During the call we'll let you know the ins and outs of the platform, answer your questions and learn about your goals and ambitions.

Welcome to Localie!

After a successful interview, you’ll have the chance to fill out your profile! No need to wait days for an answer, we'll tell you there and then! Fill out your profile and press “publish”. Voila! You're now part of the team!

Become a localie

Become a localie now!
Communicate around the globe, inspire, help,
get rewarded.

It's time to share your city as if it were a friend visiting you!

Give unforgettable personalised tours - anywhere from half a day to over a week!

Meet other localies who provide language services and teach your language!

Publish your own short destination guides to share with guests all over the world

Localie takes a commission and offers round the clock
support in all aspects

In order to provide the highest level of service, maintain our platform, offer round the clock support, and promote our Localies we take a commission on each transaction.


Upon withdrawal of funds from the Localie platform


When paying for other Localie services from your Localie account

Confidentiality and Finances

All personal information is secure

All your personal information is kept secure. You control what is on your profile — you can even use a nickname if you'd prefer! All correspondence takes place on the Localie site using our own chat platform. There is no need to exchange personal details.

Withdrawal of funds

All payments received in your Localie account can be transferred weekly to your bank account. You can set up a transfer directly with your bank Visa or Mastercard from any country*, or have it sent to your Payoneer account.


Localie follows all local tax rules and regulations. We remind our Localies that it is their obligation to declare all additional income earned through or in connection with Localie, in accordance with the local laws and legislation of the country in which you reside.

Localie is a community!
A social network for expats
and passionate travelers

What unites us it the desire to share our love for the city which we now call home with travellers of the globe. We gladly help potential new citizens in their relocation process, be it for work, education or for leisure purposes. We conduct online tours and help people learn their target languages, but most of all we have fun sharing our passions online with each other.

Become a localie

We aim to make every trip simple, affordable, and exciting for everyone


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