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We live in the future. What we used to learn about in childhood only from fiction books, today encompass our daily life. The way we do things is changing, becoming easier and more affordable. Localie defies travel. We believe there’ll be neither travel agencies nor travel guides in the future. Why spend on them, if a localie can show you it all? If you love your city, and you love talking about it to friends and followers on social networks, then join the Localie team to create a travel of the future together!

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What Makes a Local a Localie?

We aren’t looking for professional tour guides. An interesting localie isn't someone who knows the history of the city from the date it was founded and can read a quote from Wikipedia by heart. The core of our service is extraordinary, open-minded and friendly people who love their city, know the best spots, and who are willing to show them to travelers from all over the world.

Do you find it interesting? Welcome to the team, then!

6 advantages of becoming a Localie

Focus on your unique offer. Rest on us

Our team is working hardly on attracting the customer and making the platform popular among many travellers worldwide. Being a localie, you don't need to think about it. Put your whole energy on tours and experiences instead!

One global platform with thousands offers

We do not invent something from scratch. Indeed, thousands of people already offer private tours through their personal communities and social networks. Our platform is just getting them altogether and under governance.

Your effort will be 100% awarded

We charge traveler with a full booking cost, once you confirm the tour. You get your reward directly from the platform. No risk to not being payed and no need to deal with financial questions or negotiate the rate with travelers.

Create an interesting offer - we will promote it for free!

If you're ready to create a unique experience for a traveler like getting to backstage of a concert or having a sneak peak how do they shot moview in Hollywood - let us know and we'll tell it all our visitors.

Join the international community of those who're dreaming to make travel better

By joining Localie you're not just getting another opportunity to earn money from what you like. You will collaborate with hundreds of like-minded people in your home city and around the globe.

Start with simple and short city tours and then enhance your offer by multiple-days getaways

Create an interesting program for a day tour inside your city. Practice few times. Is it going well? Continue then with a more complex agenda - few cities in a row, getaway to the national park or even to a neigboring state.

Handy tool for organizing trips

Our Engineering Team are professionals with an extensive experience in the industry. Their goal is to create a simple and convenient tool for the unforgettable journeys. Here’s a glimpse of how easy our travelers make a booking:

  • Once you've been chosen, you’ll get a request via preferred way of communication
  • Check your availability. Check the guest's profile and reviews. Is everything okay? Then feel free to accept the booking
  • A chat will appear in your personal cabinet. Write to the traveler and plan your tour together. Use built-in tools to change the duration, add or remove additional services.
  • After all plans are agreed, confirm the final version. Meanwhile, we’ll debit the total cost of the tour from the traveler's account.

Additional services

Our core product is enabling travelers to find a localie in a new city - the person they can rely on, who will be happy to explore best of what the destination can offer. However, our service is not stopping with that. We tend to be exceptionally hospitable and go the extra mile to treat our travelers.

Road Trip

There are so much to explore around the city you're in! When you're in San Francisco, it’s worth checking out Silicon Valley and go even further to the national parks. If you find yourself in Malaga, take a ride along the coastal towns of Andalusia. Localies can arrange these kinds of trips, with their own car or using public transportation.


The best way to feel at home in a new place is to stay at localie’s place. Hotels and rented apartments will never provide such an experience. Localies can host travelers for overnight stays if they’re able to provide at least a private room. And of course coffee with a delicious breakfast next morning :)


Traveling as a couple or a family it's so complicated to capture all of you with high-quality photos, since there’s usually no one around with a nice camera and enough talent to shoot. Localies can easily resolve this trouble. Do a favor for your guests - give them vivid pictures of their travels.

Trip planning

Localie definetely knows the cheapest ways to get around: what airlines to choose to save some money on the tickets price, or how to visit all the long list of sightseeings in a limited time you have for vacation. There are also plenty of lifehacks which are known by locals and are not available on Internet.

!All additional services incur costs on the localies. Therefore, travelers pay them extra. As a platform, we have set up standard rates applied to all kind of services. They can differ from country to country and the language you speak with a localie.Check our standard rates for additional services

Service Fee

In order to provide high quality service, reliability and high performance of IT-infrastructure, conduct marketing campaigns to attract travelers, support and promote localies, we impose a Service Fee on each transaction:

1st day of work in calendar month
2nd to 8th day of work in calendar month
9th to 20th day in calendar month
21st day and rest in calendar month

Privacy and finance

All personal information is hidden

Your contact information is not available for visitors of the platform until you confirm the tour. If you want, you can even use an alias instead of a name. We provide anyone with your social media info, unless you gave us a permit.

Withdrawing funds

Monetary compensation is transferred to your account next day after the tour has been conducted. We support payouts to the bank accounts in USA, UK, Singapore, Japan and EU countries within SEPA (BE, FI, FR, DE, IR, IT, NL, PT, ES). If your bank account is located in another country, you can withdraw to your Payoneer or Paypal account. If it still doesn't work for you, initiate a wire transfer*.* leads to extended timing of payout and additional fees incurred by banks or payment systems


Our platform complies with the law and is a transparent business. Therefore, we urge our localies to declare any income made through the system and pay due taxes, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation in their country of residence. Our Service Fee is legally perceived as an Agency fee, and does not include taxes on profits that a localie might be required to pay to his state.

Refer your friends!

We give you 1% of the cost of all tours and additional services provided by localie who have joined our service on your recomendation. The referred person only needs to provide your name and contact information when registering.