More Than Just a Sightseeing

Alex is flying to St.Petersburg for the first time in her life. She plans to take a sightseeing tour, then a tour of the roofs. Maybe one more thematic tour around the Dostoevsky historical places. All excursions share the same drawbacks.

A tourist guide is telling dry historical facts. Alex is getting bored.

The route is predefined. When Alex wants to turn to an authentic street she finds interesting, it's not possible.

A tourist guide can't answer any tricky questions, Alex is curious about. Moreover, the rest of tourists are asking stuff which Alex does not find interesting.

Alex has to take few thematic excursions to get acquainted with everything she is interested in the city. That costs a fortune!

We at Localie find very sad that excursions are the only way for Alex and other tourists to get acquainted with a new city. Our project is designed for the many people around the globe to make their travel become more exciting and cheaper. We help you find a localie who corresponds to your interests. They’ll show their city or country, and make you feel visiting a good friend.

Alex loves painting, so by the next trip she’ll find a local artist on Localie who knows a lot about modern culture and good pubs. He will definetely show Alex a couple of creative places and get her to a backstage of the music club he's occasionally working in.

Locals know the city inside out

They will tell you what's the city really about, and show the most interesting spots you will never find online.

Not a guide, but a friend

Staying in touch with like-minded people is priceless. We will find a localie who matches your interests and vision.

One to one with a localie

No strangers with you. Just a direct contact with localie. Meaning you'll get all your questions answered, and never be bored

Alone or with friends

Price is the same for up to 3 people with you. No need to multiply.

Personalized experience

Each tour we do is different. Because we create it personally for your actual needs, interests and timing.

Flexible route

The moment you see something interesting you didn't plan to dedicate a time to, just feel free to check. We're absolutely flexible.

No worries

Every time you travel to a new place, a stress is with you. What if something goes wrong? With Localie there is no sense to worry.

Our localies are the best

We interview every localie before adding their profile on site. We make a background check and ensure you will not be dissapointed.

No need to pay directly

You pay the platform to confirm the booking with your credit card. It saves you from potential risks of paying cash directly to the guide.

Quality is our TOP priority

If anything goes wrong, we refund money. If a localie can't meet you due to an urgent situation, we'll take care about alternative.

Choose from people, not prices

One price for a day of a localie. We aim to let you find a like-minded person to show you around - not to play with price filters.

Additonal services

City tours are not the only service. You can also do a getaway with a localie on their own car, stay at their place, get tips for your travel.