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PhD candidate, performance artist, teacher

My story

I came to Vienna in spring 2018 to visit an artist who introduced me to the whole art/music community here. I instantly fell in love with the beauty of the city and its open-minded artists and musicians. So i decided to move here and already in autumn enrolled at the academy of fine arts for my PhD in philosophy. I’m writing about industrial and noise music as i am a total music head :) since spring 2019 i’ve been constantly living here.

What do I do here?

Besides my studies, i work as a language teacher and an experimental model, also i pose for artists sometimes. I used to work here in some galleries as well and had at all different working experiences :) At the moment we are also making antiwar actions with two other artists so it brought me to the performance scene. I graduated from Moscow State University in 2016, studied at the faculty of journalism. Worked on the radio, in a gallery and in some music PR agencies. So my life has always been connected to culture, and i’ve been surrounded by artists and musicians since i was a teenager.

What's the best of my city?

Firstly, Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Almost every building is special. It’s also a cultural center, you can see art everywhere, there are many events happening all the time. Moreover, food is amazing, the weather is mostly good, people are quite friendly and the whole city infrastructure is highly developed. Vienna is for sure a city to visit :)

My tours secret sauce

Besides classical routes around main attractions like museums and parks, i can bring you to some Vernissages, artist ateliers, concerts and other events, also bars/clubs which are known only by local people. I have some really special places to show and leave you with unusual tourist impressions :) i personally love Viennese cemeteries, they totally look like architectural masterpieces. You are welcome 🤗

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