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The first mentioning of Minsk can be found in chronicles in 1067 year. In 1067 there was fight at the Nemiga. In 1129, Minsk principality became part of Kiev principality. In general, at this time Minsk was a strong and rich city, because two big roads passed through it. Belarus became a part of Russia. But I want to tell you about just one thing the history of my native city. My favorite place in Minsk is Troitskoe Suburb. It is a picturesque and unique place of old Minsk which is one of the favorite places for the rest of citizens of Minsk and visitors to the capital. The settling of this territory according to the archaeological data began in the twelfth century. At the beginning of 16th century, the towers of Troitskaya church and a monastery rose on a hill. The mountain Troitskaya in the MiddleAges fulfilled the function of a defensive redoubt on the approaches to the city. According to written sources, in 1605 the main street of the suburb was Troitskaya, which began at the bridge over the Svislach. When Belarus was part of Russian Empire, it was called Aleksandrovskaya, during Soviet times, Maxim Gorky street, and now it has the name of the well-known Belarusian poet Maxim Bogdanovich who was born in one of the houses in this street. The majority of the houses in Troitskoe suburb were wooden and considered as the suburb of Minsk, nowadays it is the centre of the city.

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