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Berlin City Guide

My story

My romance with Berlin began many years ago, and it was definitely love at first sight. At that time, we lived near Frankfurt am Main, where we had moved from Moscow. And Berlin was always for us a city of parties and crazy nightlife, and of course always a number one for long weekends. Luckily, the stars aligned so that my partner received a job offer in Berlin which could not be refused. And that gave us a chance to move to the city of dreams in the midst of the first lockdown in 2020.

What do I do here?

I was a successful IT recruiter in the past, but our moving to Berlin mixed the cards, and now I am the author of my city tours and guides. It all started just with blogging about Berlin, which later turned into main and creative activities, which I am very glad about.

What's the best of my city?

Berlin is a city that inspires endlessly and allows you to discover its versatility day after day, falling more and more in love with its freedom, rebellion, and dissimilarity to other world capitals. Berlin is not always a simple city for the first understanding: it is self-sufficient, truthful, quite specific, with a unique and heavy history, and its beauty is unconventional. Berlin loves those who open doors boldly and brazenly, look into hidden places, and pay attention to details. The city simply lives its own life. Everything here is growing, changing, and transforming very quickly. Much of what we love, unfortunately, disappear forever, and that's why it's so important to catch it.

My tours secret sauce

For me, Berlin is the freest city in Europe. Not Amsterdam, not Rome, but Berlin. And that is his most important non-tourist feature. I am convinced that in Berlin it is necessary to wander through strange abandoned areas, hidden courtyards, and open doors, and to turn your head in all directions, studying the street art. It's not without reason that many people say that Berlin can repel you at first sight. But once you speak the same language, you'll come back again and again. And this is the language of Berlin, I can teach my dear guests.

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