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Musician, singer, vocal coach, linguist and travel addicted


 It's always great to meet new interesting people, see different cultures and speak different languages. Usually people I meet are very open-minded and helpful. I truly believe that we attract what we have inside and what we see. When you meet good people, you start to believe in something good and positive in life. I can show you Moscow from the non-touristic point of view, which I think is more interesting than just common places from the guide book. Might be the most many-sided person you ever met. Super positive. Love music. I sing, compose and play the piano. Can't live without sports (jogging, crossfit, long walks). Work as a vocal trainer and a language coach. I speak 5 languages (Russian, English and Italian fluently) and understand 3 more. I don’t like to call myself polyglot. It’s just easy for me. I also teach public speaking and acting. Travelled a lot. Passionate about hiking. For example, trekking to Everest Base Camp, Camino de Santiago - twice. Love Italian cuisine and appreciate good wine. Studied in Rome. Lived a couple of months in Madrid. Friendly and open-minded person. SOME MAGIC We live in a very good time having great opportunities to travel and meet new people. Some of those meetings have the power to change our lives. And I know what I'm saying. I can tell you a wonderful story which happened to me a couple of years ago. At that period of time I was living in Italy. And I had this "crazy" dream to walk a Camino de Santiago on my own. Can you imagine around 1000 kms by foot without any preparations? Starting in France, ending in Spain. It was that right time to clear my mind and to think about future. So the adventure started at the moment when I, sitting on a bench in the Villa Borghese in Rome, just bought my oneway ticket to Paris. Oh my God! I've met so many wonderful people during that way. And I had one amazing coincidence. After 2 weeks of walking and more than 500 kms I've injured my leg and just couldn't go any further. And do you know when it happened? One month before this I was travelling with my mom. And we were somewhere between Portugal and Spain. Amazing place where you can easily cross the boarder, which means just to cross the bridge. So we where walking in a small Spanish city and in the evening we had to take a train to get back to Portugal. So we were running to the station as I was completely sure that the train leaves within 10 minutes. But when we came there, we found out that there is a 1 hour time difference between these 2 countries. So we had to wait one hour sitting at the station. By chance I saw a woman with a big backpack. I don’t know why I’ve decided to start a conversation. In a few minutes it turned out that this woman just ended her Camino and I told her about my intentions to walk a long way striating somewhere in France. Do you know what? She told me that her house is located on the way! And that every morning waking up she hears the voices of the pilgrims which are passing by the road in front of her house. So she gave me her contacts and invited so have a tea once I’ll be near her place in Spain. Long story short, when I’ve injured my leg and couldn’t make even a step, I was completely exhausted, when I suddenly realised that I have that women’s dress. I started to google it and (Oh my God!), I was just in 2 kms from Olga’s house. I called her immediately, told what happened and she said: stay where you are, I’ll be there in 5 minutes! So she drove me to a hospital. I didn’t even have an insurance and the doctor of course didn’t want to do something with me without all these papers. But Olga insisted saying that I’m a hero, walking a long way alone, everybody in Spain knows what a Camino is and that I’m from another country and that we’ll not leave the place until they do something and finally they helped me. Shall I say that we become real friends? It’s just one story from my life, but it shows all the magic of a chance encounter. So good vibes only. P.S. Taking really good pictures:)

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