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Maria Volkova

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My story

In 2012 I did a university exchange in Lyon, France. Since then I understood that I want to live there. After graduating from my university in Moscow, I entered a History of Art Masters at Lyon 2 University in 2014. I was visiting Paris every now and then and finally moved here in 2018. I love this city of lights so energetic and filled with history and art. I want to share my love for France and for French art and architecture by showing its capital.

What do I do here?

I am an art historian, I started to teach the history of art already in Moscow and now I'm organizing some museum visits for children and I'm also thinking of doing a series of art history lectures for Russian speaking adults in Paris. My studies in Moscow and in Lyon were on art history and visual perception, I was specializing in Russain avant-garde painters in particular. The last Master I got here was of communication and museology at the Sorbonne University.

What's the best of my city?

Paris is so rich in things to show and to explore. First of all, I'm specializing in "in the path of painters/writers/famous people walks" and also museum visits. I do it both for adults and children and I'm working on a more defined plan for children's visits.

My tours secret sauce

As I walk around a lot I know many hidden places, such as small romantic streets, little parks, libraries, cafés, wine bars, etc. I really know the city from the 20-century artistic movements angle. I can show the hidden buildings and Van Gogh's, Dalida's, Renoir's, Picasso's, Toulouse Lautrec's apartments at Montmartre, for example.

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