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Ksenia Balashova

Just your average 35mm photographer and lover of all things beautiful

My story

I was born in Toronto, Canada and moved to Moscow when I was a young preteen, and I’ve stayed here ever since. Moscow is so incredibly dynamic and beautiful, with tons of opportunities for growth. I never had the feeling of wanting to leave Moscow, the city is so comfortable, and so wonderful, I think people should consider it more as a travel destination.

What do I do here?

I’m an English teacher who specializes in preschool education, I’m also a linguist with a background in text analysis and translation. I’m something of a wordsmith! I love working with people, and making beautiful connections with the people around me. I hope to inspire you!

What's the best of my city?

I love the dynamic energy of Moscow, it’s beautiful architecture and rich history. There’s so much cool stuff to see and do that I’m sure you’ll absolutely love it just as much as I do. The most impressive aspect of Moscow is the people, and the city itself. Something that really shocks travellers is how like-minded we are and how no matter where you are, you’ll be able to find a common language, be it art or music, there’s something for everyone.

My tours secret sauce

Not only am I a cool bilingual tour guide, but I am also an amateur analog photographer and cinematographer. I love finding the most beautiful places, strange objects and taking intriguing photos. Let’s see what we can create together! Thanks to my parents, I have a huge interest in history, and I love explaining things (I’m a teacher by nature).

Places of Interest
Bars and Restaurants
Creative Spaces
Kids Activities
Nature and Parks
I also provide


This flat fee is effective for up to 4 travellers, applied for every localie and destination you choose. 5+ is twice the standard rate.

Whole day


For a full day, it is about 8 hours of activities together with our locals.

½ day


Your ½ day walk with one of our local takes half a day usually takes 4-5 hours.

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