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Anastasia Moiseeva

Translator/interpreter, a Beatles fan and a native of Moscow, each day more in love with this city

My story

Hi, I'm Nastia. I was born in Moscow and I consider it great luck. It is a beautiful city with a big heart, great contrasts and so many things to offer that I simply cannot get bored with it or say that I've seen it all: I'm rediscovering Moscow every day and it's a never-ending quest to get to know it and befriend it. And I'm willing to share this feeling of discovery and friendship with others.

What do I do here?

I've always liked to roam the streets, lanes, backyards, boulevards, and parks, just enjoying their beauty and trying to be in sync with the atmosphere of the place. Some time ago I started taking interest in the actual history and the architecture of all those places: nothing too serious, just some interesting stories to add to the feeling of connection with the city I live in. My main way of interacting with the city is still sauntering around, eyes wide open, camera at the ready to capture any surprises the city chooses to show me this time.

What's the best of my city?

I think Moscow is unique in the way that, although almost 900-years-old, the city doesn't have integral historical areas. It's sort of head-spinning to feel this combination of the really ancient architecture and the spiderweb of twisting streets, the semi-abandoned Soviet-time bleak edifices, and the cutting-edge technological clusters. So you have put some effort to search, guess and imagine how it used to be like in the olden days, and it feels very gratifying to discover every preserved historical building or neighborhood. And when you do, it only helps to appreciate their beauty more. And the city is full of hidden gems of all sorts, it only takes an open heart and some steady pacing to discover them!

My tours secret sauce

Would you like to see some distilled Soviet grandeur and splendor side by side with lush refreshing gardens, Soviet space adventures included? Then consider taking a long walk around VDNKh, or the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements. Are you into modern art? The New Tretyakovka, home of Russian modern art since Perestroika, neighbors one of the most modern and beautiful parks and embankments in Moscow, a perfect place to have a rest or roam some more art galleries. Maybe you prefer to just wander along small curvy lanes in one of the older neighbors in the downtown, sneaking into picturesque backyards and occasionally stopping by the most quaint pubs to chat with locals, and finish the night at a live rock gig? Why then I'm your man! Well, woman. What I mean is, let's do it! That, or something else — just drop me a note, and I'll think of something! And I'll do my best to help you get the real feel of the city. You'll see it's worth a try!

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