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My story

I’m truly a world citizen and it’s hard to explain my origin. Being born in Ukraine, raised there, I moved to Russia when I was 13, with my parents relocation. I never felt at home in Russia. However I found some good friends, and tons of inspiration there. With my constant dream to leave Russia, I found myself becoming a world citizen. When I was 20, I went for 4 months to USA on the internship program. There I lived at OBX in North Carolina. High five if you know what I’m talking about 😉 After graduating from my university, I started working as IT project leader. First — at Ford Motor Company, later — at IKEA. IKEA finally brought me to my third country — The Netherlands — in 2017. I fell in love with this country of gingerbread houses, canals, and fantastic sea shore, “the Dutch California”, on the very first day when I moved here. In 2019, I quit my full-time job at IKEA HQ and started my own company. This company is Localie — a platform that you’re looking into right now 😉

What do I do here?

My heart, my brain, and most of the time are dedicated to the thing I’m very passionate about — this platform, Localie! The idea of Localie came to my mind in 2016 when I was still working at IKEA. The moment it appeared I felt so inspired! Even now, 6 years after, there is still a huge flame in my eyes, and it resulted in the platform you are using right now. I’m working at Localie on a full-time basis since August 2019 in the role of CEO. When I’m free, I love to meet travelers and show them around. Localie is an international business. Our offices are incorporated in the USA and The Netherlands. If you feel like you’re interested to learn more about building a global innovative company, I will be happy to share my thoughts and experience between our travel adventures, and the stories about local life here in The Netherlands 😉

What's the best of my city?

The Netherlands is twice smaller than an entire metropolitan area of Los Angeles! That makes us the most densely populated country of European Union, hence super short distances from one point of interest to another. In fact, The Netherlands is just like one big 17-million city where actual settlements are just like neighborhoods, located close to one another, with large park / green areas between them. In the meantime there are lots of impressive sites and places of interest all around the country — pretty accessible for a one-week or even a weekend trip!

My tours secret sauce

Even though I am based in The Hague, I am showing also Amsterdam, Rotterdam, small villages and towns of Holland, making one-day getaways to Zeeland, and many more! With me, you will see an entire country, inside-out, getting way more impressions than just after visiting only one city of Amsterdam. Book some time for The Netherlands, and feel free to reach me out, so I can make a tailor-made program for you and your travel companions. Check out some great ideas how we can spend time together in the ‘Routes’ section in my profile. Welcome to The Netherlands! I’ll do my best to make you feel extremely comfortable and fall in love with this fantastic land of sea, canals, art, and inspiring architecture.

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