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Nick Nedelchuk

Founder of Localie, ex PM at IKEA Global HQ





My story

Welcome here! I’m truly a world citizen and it’s hard to explain my origin. Being born in Ukraine, raised there, I moved to Russia when I was 13. Here my home was in 3 different towns: Vladimir where I studied at school and later at the university, St.Petersburg where I started my career, and finally Moscow where I continued my corporate path in the country offices of Ford and later IKEA. In 2017, I moved to The Netherlands being promoted to headquarters of my employer. After 2.5 years in that wonderful country of tulips and high-tech, in the middle of the pandemic, I decided to come back home, as I saw more opportunities in Moscow and thought it would be good to be back to my culture — a culture of Tolstoi, Dostoevsky, Mariinsky Theatre and many more great things from the past and present.

What do I do here?

My heart, my brain, and most of the time are dedicated to the thing I’m very passionate about — this platform, Localie! The idea of Localie came to my mind in 2016 when I was still working at IKEA. The moment it appeared I felt so inspired! Even now, 4 years after there is still a huge flame in my eyes, and it resulted in the platform you are using right now. I’m working at Localie on a full-time basis since August 2019 in the role of CEO. When I’m free, I love to meet travelers and show them around. Localie is an international business. Our offices are incorporated in the USA and The Netherlands. If you feel like you’re interested to learn more about building a global innovative company, I will be happy to share my thoughts and experience between the stories about all pros and cons of local life here in Russia 😉

What's the best of my city?

Moscow is terra incognita. We hear lots of stereotypes, but in fact, this city is completely different from what you imagine! Moscow is a terrific combination of mysterious old Russia from the fairytales and fundamental Soviet architecture. Not to forget about the future with plenty of new buildings and also skyscrapers designed by the world's best architectural bureaus. Moscow is the city of the future with all the neat latest technology like wireless cashless payment everywhere, delivery service, taxi, and car-sharing. The city can be operated easily through the app, and it makes you feel even more convenient than in many European capitals! We have a beautiful and very convenient public transport system, too. Moscow is truly a hidden gem of Europe. Modern Russia is not very different from Europe cultural wise. People in Moscow are open and friendly, and we all will be happy to show you around here, and make you fall in love with Moscow as we all did already some time ago!

My tours secret sauce

Having experience in building an international startup, being VC backed and providing traction, I could be an interesting person to talk to for a like-minded entrepreneur. If you're interested in a startup ecosystem, I would be happy to introduce how everything is organized in Russia, what are we good at and where are gaps. I'm also a fun of "hipster" places, so be prepared to visit trendy cafés and meeting places for the locals. I'll show how Russians are transforming old abandoned industrial places and we will definitely enjoy a few spots that international projects are getting inspired from. I’m absolutely in love with road trips, so if you feel like you’re interested to explore rural areas and provincial towns of Russia beyond Moscow Ring Road — check out my ideas how we can spend time together in the ‘Tours’ section above. Welcome to Moscow! I’ll make my best to make you feel extremely comfortable and fall in love with this mysterious old city.

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