Our rates apply to a company of up to 4 people, are flat and do not depend on the localie you choose.

Half day

89 €

Half a day tour normally takes 3-4 hours

Whole day

129 €

Full day tour is usually about 6-8 hours

Extra services

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Trip Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay?

By making our services paid, we can take care about their quality and you as our customer. You get 24x7 customer support, also we make sure that all localies on the platform know their city very well, speak your language fluently, they're open-minded, friendly and welcoming. When you pay, there is much bigger commitment from a localie side as well. They'll still be happy to meet you even if it's cold and raining on Saturday morning. Never change plans. Also, this is your small contribution to the local community — to support a concept of Localie and keep growing it as a great alternative to a spoiled, overated old-school travel industry.

What if my plans are changed?

No problem! All our rates are refundable. Just make sure you have cancelled your tour at least 72 hours before it starts. You'll receive a full amount back on your bank card shortly.

How shall I pay?

Connect with Localie, agree on a tour details, discuss how and what would you like to show around. When it's done, you can pay all services online and in advance using your bank card to confirm your reservation. Localie as a platform will retain all funds until you meet the person and get your tour. If everything goes smoothly, we transfer funds to the local. This way we guarantee that you will receive a high quality service and no one will take your money without providing a great experience.

What if we're a group of more than 5 people?

It's difficult to keep together a large group of people, making them feel engaged. It requires some extra effort from the local. Therefore we ask to pay our standard price for each additional travellers, up to 4, when you're more than 4. For example, if you're 5, you'll pay double standard fee. So as when you're 8. When you're 9-10-11-12 - this is a triple standard fee.

What's included and what's not?

This is an experience like you're visiting a good friend. So all restaurant bills, entrance tickets are splitted accordingly. You don't have to pay for local, so as she of he doesn't pay for you. Localie rates include a time of your host or a certain additional service only, if there is no different arrangement. However, normally, you just walk around and don't have to pay anything but the price of tour you've paid in advance. If there is an extra cost intended, we always notify you in advance and ask if this is acceptable for you. We also enjoy making small and nice surprices for you as gifts or just tips to save some of your money. It is not a rare situation when having a local knowledge from your host, all lifehacks, tips and tricks, you save more than you spend on Localie during your trip!

What if I'm not satisfied with the service?

Just let us know. We will fully refund your costs.