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The secret sauce of Localie are the passionate dreamers who joined forces to create a future of travel now.

We want to make every trip affordable and exciting for the many people, everywhere in the world.
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What is this all about?

Our ambitions are driving a vision which is far beyond just city walks with localies. We want to reinvent an entire travel experience by building a link between travellers and local communities who know their city the best and make sure you will totally fall in love with the place you're visiting. I feel confident that this will come true, as there is a fantastic team of passionate people who’re working on it. We live in different parts of the world, all connected by the dream - to enhance an experience of travel for the many people all around the globe.

Nick Nedelchuk

CEO & co-founder







Localie: a future of travel is now

Discover more hidden gems and local stories in every city you’re visiting. Localies are your key to that. They will show and tell the best. In their fluent English.

What makes us happy? Obviously, good moments and impressions. The best ones we get — are always from travel.

We live all across the world, but share same goals and mission.

Nick Nedelchuk


Sergey Chebykin


Ivanka Nedelchuk


Alex Phillipps

Growth & Expansion

Oleg Gorbatiuk

Tech Lead

Olya Fedotova

Customer Care

Join our team to create a future of travel!

No matter where are you living, how old you are or what your job experience is, if you find it interesting and you share our dream to create the future of travel, then get in touch with us! Please send your CV and motivation letter to [email protected]

Let's re-invent travel all together

We don't spam. We just share priceless insides from the best localies for free. Great source to get inspired what to explore next on your vacation!