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Efecan Altın

Your newest and best friend in Istanbul!

My story

I've born in Istanbul, raised here! All my education life was in Istanbul and right now I'm studying at Istanbul University. I was always interested in history and lucky me, Istanbul is one of the most historical cities in the world. I'm a typical food lover so I always search for new and unique places.

What do I do here?

I'm a student and I'm studying at Istanbul University. I worked here in the stadiums for some time and right now I'm trying to go to every sports event in my City. I live a peaceful life with my dog here in Istanbul. I want you to experience this amazing city with me as friends.

What's the best of my city?

The historical buildings and streets, very amazing food places. These are the main things. But as a local person, I love spending time with street animals like dogs and cats. People live in Istanbul feed them with their hearts. We also have some secret locations to enjoy the view of Istanbul.

My tours secret sauce

Hidden gems of Istanbul. I know some places that nobody knows. We can go to the tea shops and listen to the city while we drink our teas. Istanbul is a place that can rest your mind but also gives you goosebumps. I guarantee you that you will spend your time here like a local with me, your new and best friend Efecan!

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Bars and Restaurants
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This flat fee is effective for up to 4 travellers, applied for every localie and destination you choose. 5+ is twice the standard rate.

Whole day


For a full day, it is about 8 hours of activities together with our locals.

½ day


Your ½ day walk with one of our local takes half a day usually takes 4-5 hours.

Discover Istanbul with Efecan Altın

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