Stunning Burdur and Antalya Trip to SALDA Blue Lake, Susuz and Ancient Kremna City, Karacaoren Lake, Incirhan Farm, Duden Waterfalls

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Gabriel George

A passionate explorer! See all my travels via instagram @gabonvoyage Localie in Antalya!


There's so much other place to see and experience in the province of Burdur in Anatolian Mediterranean part of Turkey (an hour away from Antalya). If you and your friends want to escape Antalya for a day. I offer you this memorable trip to BURDUR region. Pick-up in your hotel/accommodation in Antalya we start the road trip to Burdur. We go to a local restaurant for a scrumptious Turkishbreakfast to energize and get excited to start exploring the day ahead. We do a first stop-over to see the Susuz Kervansaray ruins, a 13th Century building from the Seljuc period. A good photoshoot can be taken in this old building as background. Then, our second stop is in Kremna Ancient City from the Greco-Roman period. Only a few people take this route but it is worth the visit. Here we take photos and do some light trekking exploring the ruins and walk a bit to burn those butter and bread we ate for breakfast. Then the road trip continues... We proceed to the stunning Salda Lake. One of Turkey's newest tourist gem. Here you will see crystal clear blue water. We find a perfect spot to swim and take awesome photos for your instagram stories/feed. We spend hours in Salda lake relaxing, if weather isn't too hot we can set up a picnic mat, sunbathing, swimming , then eat lunch. Oh also, we recommend you bring some drinks such as beer to enjoy the day perfectly! After that refreshing swim and lunch, we can opt to stay further to chill in Salda or we can proceed back to Bucak to catch that Golden Hour! Upon reaching back in Bucak, if we are in the perfect time for golden hour, i will bring you to the perfect top view viewpoint of a Karacaoren Lake mountainside with stunning greenery and peaceful vibe to enjoy that sunset view! For dinner, we can have it in my friend's local farm cottage located in Incirhan. We can enjoy local style barbeque. In here you will see the clearly the stars during the night. Optional: We can host you in our farm cottage and take a good night rest after that very tiresome day tour. Shower and shared room available for you. Then it's time to go back to Antalya, we will start the day's roadtip in a sunny day for sure! We go to Lower and Upper Duden Waterfalls in Antalya to refresh our ears with lush forest greens and catch some cool breeze from the gushing waters! Then, We will take you back to your accommodation safe and sound. So, I will be waiting for you and your friends to join me in this full day adventure exploring Burdur region! Looking forward to meeting you :)

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Day 1

Stop Over in Susuz KervanSaray

Built in the 13th century, Susuz Han Caravanserai is located in the village of Susuz in the Bucak district and named after this village. This structure, which has a rectangular shape close to the square, belongs to the Anatolian Seljuk period. This first stop will be a good start to our day trip!


Kremna Ancient City Open Air Tour

Kremna is in Çamlık Village was founded by the people of Psidia within the borders, on a hill overlooking Aksu Valley. It is an important city of Psidia. In here, we can spend a good hour trekking around the ruins!


Salda Lake

Dubbed as the Maldives of Turkey, Salda Lake is ome of the most unique amd stunning new destinations in Burdur region on Turkey. In here you can enjoy swimming, floating in freshwater. Also you can scrub your full body with the sand mineral which apparently is similar to that of Mars Planet and has some healing properties!


Bucak Mountain Lake View Point Stop Over in Golden Hour

Upon reaching back in Bucak area, we hope to catch the perfect sunset in my favorite viewpoint atop a hill with a majestiv view of the dam lake on the horizon! You don't want to miss this!


Barbeque Dinner in Incirhan Cottage Farm

After that long full day of tour, i know you will be tired and hungry for sure! I will prepare for you and your group a local barbeque style: surf or turf? You can choose! In our cottage farm house in Incirhan, we can set up an outdoor summer barbeque under the stars! Yes, in Incirhan, you can see the brightest stars it will be magical! After that dinner, we can have unlimited hot tea while we bring out a local guitar and sing our heart's out under the stars!

Day 2


Total cost


Round trip Private Car Transport (Pick up and Drop Off)


Local Breakfast Spread


Travel Itinerary Planning and Consulting


Barbeque Dinner and Cottage Farm in Incirhan Accommodation with Shower and Shared Room


Rate is per person. Private group tour good for 3 people preferably.

What's included?

Full private car transport round trip transfers

Local Turkish Breakfast Spread


Susuz Kervansaray Stop-over

Kremna Acient City sightseeing and mini trek

Salda Lake excursion

Karacaoren Lake in Bucak viewpoint stop over

Local style Barbeque dinner in farm cottage

Accommodation 1 night for farm cottage (shared room)

Local Farm Breakfast in Incirhan

Upper and Lower Duden Waterfall tour

What's excluded?

Lunch in Salda

Additional information

Flexible package tour. If prefer to have only day tour, possible we can drop off in your hotel in evening/pm

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Gabriel George

A passionate explorer! See all my travels via instagram @gabonvoyage Localie in Antalya!

I have spent most of my life traveling because of my job (i used to own a travel consultancy back in the Philippines for five years) where I lived all south-east asia. Then I decided to move to Turkey last 2016...and up till now I still am here because i feel in love with this beautiful country and i wanted to share this beautiful experience to all travelers who will come to Turkey (especially Antalya!).


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