Whalewatching in super biodiverse Colombia 🌴

Mounitains, jungle and Pacific Ocean in one journey!

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Irene Shateeva

PR Manager, Chief Experience Officer in Colombia

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Trip Summary 🍪

The beauty of Colombia is in its nature and diversity. If you like it as well as off-the-beaten-path routes - then welcome on board! During the tour, you will see different picturesque and wild landscapes, and fall in love with the fifty shades of green of this country. Mountains and seas, valleys with the world's tallest palms, jungle and modern cities are waiting for you.

Trip Program ⏱

Day 1 - Hola, Colombia!

Arrival at Bogota airport

Bogota is a place where your exciting journey through Colombia - the second most biodiverse country in the world - begins. I will meet you at the airport of the Colombian capital, so that your first moments in the country are not marred by communication difficulties (for example, taxi drivers here don't speak English), and your journey to the hotel is comfortable and cozy. ✨


Checking in at the hotel

Next, we will head to the hotel, where I will help you check-in. The 3* hotel is located in one of the safest neighborhoods in Bogota.


Exploring the capital and testing local coffee ☕️

They say that Colombia is the birthplace of coffee, and it's exquisite. But you have to know the right places! Not all coffee in Colombia is created equal, and to ensure that you don't get disappointed with the main drink of the country, I'll take you to one of the stylish coffee shops in the city. There we can enjoy the first cup of real Colombian coffee, and if you really like it, maybe even a second cup 😊.


A city walk in a fancy resdential areas

If all participants arrive in the morning, we will have time to walk through the city's prestigious and green neighborhoods 🌿 I will guide you through the coziest streets of the city so that you can feel the atmosphere of the place you have arrived in.


Dinner, acquintance with the members of our adventurous team

In the evening, we will visit one of the cozy restaurants in the city with international cuisine. It will be a gradual introduction to the Colombian culture 🧡 We'll also have a chance to get to know each other and bond as a group.

Day 2 - Páramo: the of mountains, water, frailejones 🌿
Day 3 - The Coffee Region of Eje Cafetero ☕️
Day 4 - Wax Palm Valley - a symbol of Colombia 🌴
Day 5 - Contrasts of Medellin 💛
Day 6 - Guatape: the cute town and an immense rock📍
Day 7 - Bahia Solano: magic of a Colombian Pacific 🌊
Day 8 - Giant beauties: humpback whales 🐋
Day 9 - Whale watching. Day 2 🐋
Day 10 - Bahia Solano to Medellin 🌆
Day 11 - Bogota: a farwell dinner 📸

Cost Breakdown 💰

Total cost








Whalewatching tour


Localie services


Entrances and guide\translation services


2900 USD

What's included?

Domestic flights in Colombia


Breakfasts all days, lunch and dinner at days 7-9

Entrance to national parks

Excursions with local guides

English-speaking tour leader

Transport (buses, cars, boats)

Airport and other taxes

Whalewatching tour

What's excluded?

international flight to Bogota from your country and back

Personal expenses

Travel insurance

Lunches and dinners (except days 7-9)

Additional information

We will hike a lot. Be prepared for long walks! One of the days will be mountain trekking (altitude up to 4000 m). Although we won't spend much time at this altitude, you may feel some symptoms of altitude sickness.

It is recommended (yet not obligatory) to have a yellow fever vaccine to go to Bahia Solano.

Seeing whales is not guaranteed, though our local guides will do their best to find them. Be prepared to see big insects and spiders in the area of Colombian Pacific coast. There is no Internet there. All the activities depend on weather and sea conditions, so the plan in the Colombian Pacific coast can be changed due to the circumstances which are out of the organizer's control. But what we can guarantee is memorable experience in one of the most biodeverse places in the world!


We will live in simple yet comfortable hotels (3* in the cities, and small local hotels in the towns). In Bahia Solano there would be no Internet and probably no hot water in the room.

The Trip's Host

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Irene Shateeva

PR Manager, Chief Experience Officer in Colombia

My love for the country began with a photograph of the Wax Palm Valley - the tallest palm tree in the world, a Colombia’s endemic. There was some magic in the green hills, shrouded in mist. The more I read about the country, the more I was surprised by its biodiversity: here the selva meets the sea, it has a desert and snowy peaks, unusual mountain ecosystem paramo, cities with a comfortable climate and colorful villages, endless plains and the majestic Amazon River. Moreover, I have always be...

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Trip Summary 🍪
Trip Program ⏱
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$2,900 per person

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