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Dagestan trip is a great place to become your first destination of North Caucasus exploring. This place will blow your mind with its beauty, diversity of nature and cultures. And you would love to come back here for sure, because you will fall in love with Dagestan from very first day of your adventure. Dagestan has plenty of things to offer - warm sea, breathtaking mountains, beautifullakes with crystal water, cultural diversity and delicious food! We have prepared a great adventure that will show you real Dagestan, will break in your life with bright colors, unusual flavours, new friends and vivid emotions! And then will leave tons of memories in your mind that will make make you feel happy for long time after! What will be here: 🔸 You will see beautiful Sulak canyon with turquoise water! We'll watch it from the mountain and have an exciting ride with motorboat along the river! 🔸 You will have SUP-board trip around Irganay lake, surrounded by beautiful mountains! 🔸 You will get to Mayak mountain to admire Caucasus mountains landscape! 🔸 You will visit Gamsutl - abandoned village that is called Dagestanian Machu-Picchu. 🔸 You will taste delicious Dagestanian food. 🔸 Practise your English with Teacher and Native speakers Alex and Dylan

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Day 1

10:00 - Arrival to Makhachkala and Sulak Canyon trip

We start our Dagestanian adventure right from the airport! Our first stop will be near Sulak Canyon - a gem of Dagestan. We will get to the mountain to see it from the top!


14:00 - Lunch

We will have a lunch in the restaurant of traditional Dagestanian food, so you could get first impression of the gastronomic pleasure that will follow you during these 4 days :-) There will be lots of meat, pastries and vegetables!


16:30 - Motorboat ride along Sulak Canyon!

We are moving to Zubutli village on another side of canyon and have an exciting ride with motorboat along beautiful cliffs! So you will have a great opportunity to enjoy beauty of canyon both from top and from water!


18:00 - Moving to Buynaksk city for overnight

After motorboat ride we move to Buynaksk city. After arrival we will have dinner and warm conversations before the next day. We spend our night in the local hotel.


18:00 - Moving to Buynaksk city for overnight

After motorboat ride we move to Buynaksk city. After arrival we will have dinner and warm conversations before the next day. We spend our night in the local hotel.

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Day 3


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Motorboat ride along the Sulak Canyon


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Mayak Mountain trip by UAZ cars


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Elena Podshybyakina

Elena Podshybyakina

7 June 2021

Тур великолепный. Программа составлена насыщенно и интересно. Локали Дима просто класс. И про историю мест рассказывал увлекательно и бытовые вопросы решал быстро. И фотограф он отличный. Человек-оркестр просто✌️

Мария Глазырина

Мария Глазырина

7 June 2021

Мое сердце переполнено эмоциями. Как было круто! Тур получился оооочень душевный! Так не хотелось чтобы приключение заканчивалось! Огромное спасибо Localie за ДИМУ! Он настоящий, живой, открытый! С ним надёжно и интересно! Величественный Дагестан, не оставит равнодушным никого! Скалистые горы, завораживающие виды, безумно вкусная еда .. так сложно передать словами! Надо ехать и увидеть это самим!!! Ребята, спасибо!!! Мне так хочется ещё! Желательно тем же составом!😆

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Dmitry Doronin

Hi, I’m Dima. And I’m the guy who came to Dagestan one day and absolutely fell in love with it! Travelling is in my genes :-) I was born in Kamchatka, lived in Khabarovsk, Kostroma, Kaluga, Moscow and Murmansk. One day I came to Caucasus and this trip totally changed my mind, destroyed all stereotypes and gave me a dream – to show Caucasus to people from all over the world in the way I see and love it! I fell in love with authentity of Dagestan, its cultures, nature, sea and mountains. And I wa...


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