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The Origin of Russia 👉 Vladimir


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This time I'm gathering a warm group of international adventurers and friends who live in Moscow for a one-day cozy road trip to Russia's origin — a 1000-year old historical town of Vladimir, just 200 km away from the capital. Many people call Vladimir as 'the origin of the Russian state'. Indeed, in 1000x-1200x Vladimir was the capital of the kingdom (Grand Duchy of Vladimir) thatcontrolled a major part of the modern European part of Russia, but also Ukraine and Belarus. Some ancient buildings are preserved there up until nowadays with an authentic vibe you would never experience in Moscow. If you're interested to see how our country looked like centuries ago, explore the old architecture of the 1100s and 1800s, or just taste a mysterious vibe of authentic Russian province, come and join us! Btw, no lengthy historical lectures during the tour, I promise! Only interesting, juicy facts, cozy cafes, breathtaking views, and architecture. I will be renting a van with lots of comfy seats, so we can easily access all the hidden gems and won't be tied to the schedule of public transport. We will have complete freedom! We will leave Moscow early on Saturday, around 7:30-8:00 am. I'll pick you up in 2 spots: Belorusskaya Station and Shosse Entuziastov. The detailed agenda with the photos is available down below. I can't wait to spend the day with you all!

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Day 1

We start early in the morning! Around 7:30am! Meet us at Belorusskaya Station or Shosse Entuziastov

We're going to rent a Mercedes Sprinter, nice and comfortable and pick you up from 2 different locations in Moscow that are convenient for you! Centre and East . Locations to be confirmed soon ! We will start around 7:30 from Belorusskaya and 8:00am from Shosse Entuziastov !

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Breakfast in Vladimir

When we arrive in Vladimir and before we start our walk, it's time to fuel up with the coffee and breakfast! I'll arrange it in one of my favorite and hip breakfast places in town. Btw, have you ever tried a coffee drink, sold solely in Russia?

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A tour through the historic center of Vladimir

Vladimir has 300k population, but all the main points of interest are concentrated in its historical part where locals preserved an authentic vibe of a provincial town. I'll tell you many stories about this beautiful place kept through the centuries

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Heritage of the ancient Vladimir Rus

Vladimir is proud to have one of the oldest buildings preserved in Russia. They were built in the 12th century and survived through Mongol invasion. These are Assumption and St.Demetrius Cathedrals that look so impressive!

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The city's pretty humorous historical museum

The museum is located in the old water tower with an observation deck on top. It has a collection of old local newspapers with a dating section — there we can see how people used to look for a romantic partner before the rise of modern day Tinder 😅

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Our last stop — a picturesque field with the most recognisable Russian church

Church of the Intercession on the Nerl is probably the most recognizable Russian orthodox church, and one of the official symbols of Russia. It is located just a little outside of Vladimir. We will get to the field and stop there to enjoy views. If it is flood season, we will see the most spectacular sights.

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Way back to Moscow

After a long day full of adventures, we will enjoy a Russian traditional dinner and then head back to Moscow. We will drop you at Shosse Entuziastov or Belorusskaya Station

What's included?


Transport - Compfortable Mercedes Minivan from Moscow to Vladimir and back


English practice with natives - chance to hone in on your skills


Localie - guidance from Localie Nastiya


Museum Entries & Activities

What's excluded?


Food - Everyone eats differently. We will visit two different awesome places in Vladimir for food :)


Private Van Hire with Driver


Program and coordination






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(9 reviews)

Римма Фаизова

Римма Фаизова

11 May 2021

Всем привет! Расскажу как нам повезло! Мы с дочерью поехали на англо-язычную экскурсию в старинный русский город Владимир с гидами-Localie Алексом и Ником! Хотя у нас у всех разный уровень знания английского языка , никто не остался без внимания, Алекс и Ник уделяли каждому время и всем было интересно и познавательно общаться. Мы были много раз в городе Владимире, но ... Но эта экскурсия - что-то потрясающее! Мы увидели новые культовые в городе места, памятники архитектуры разных эпох и времен, современные памятники, описывающие людей и город. Всем понравился квест-игра слов, где нужно было слышать и находить слова. Настоящий квест начался , когда нас привезли на берег реки и появился катер.... И нас везли по реке под дождем в неизвестность. Церковь на Нерли. Уникальное историческое место, место силы! Я не буду все рассказывать ! Это надо ехать с Алексом , и он вам все расскажет!!! Об этом восхитительном путешествии у нас остались потрясающие фото и видео города Владимира, впечатления от общения на английском языке группы и наших гидов-Localie Алекса и Ника! Всем рекомендую! СПАСИБО БОЛЬШОЕ ВСЕМ ОРГАНИЗАТОРАМ ПОЕЗДКИ ! Еще хочу поехать в город Доброград с ними.) Жду, когда будет туда экскурсия .)

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Dylan Ferguson

A language lover, learner and teacher

I moved to Moscow in June 2018. I decided that it was time for me to try something a bit different and move to a place that I knew very little about. For me, this is one of the most exciting things that one can do. I have this feeling that Moscow and Russia as a whole are shrouded in mystery to the western world. I needed to come and see the colorful onion domes of beautiful Orthodox churches, famous streets and avenues, the skyscrapers that contrast with the multitude of parks and other green ...

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