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8 reasons that makes Localie special


We are friends. Your good local friends organizing a trip for you. We hate boring guided tours. Yes, just like you.


Every travel adventure with Localie is a stunning experience. It’s deeply linked with locals, their culture and lifestyle. Our goal is to help you experience the real life of the place.


Large groups are bullshit. Our rule of thumb is to fit everyone in a van.


Tourist paths, boring sightseeing, and Wikipedia? It makes us vomit 🤢 We show what really makes the locals love their place. Our goal is to make you fall in love with it, too.


We matchmake you with other travel companions and the localies, so you all may become good friends. That’s what Localie is about.


Localies speak English fluently. We’re open-minded and friendly. We love people of all races and sexual orientations. We will be your reliable travel host, your local friend!


Security is our first priority. You’re paying online with your credit card. Meaning if something goes wrong, you’re getting a 100% refund.


Bring your friends on board with you! 10% off for every referred traveler! 10 friends make you travel for free!

Localie is the future of travel. Any doubts you should give it a try?

Re-inventing the tourism is not that easy. But we kinda made it!

Let's re-invent travel all together

We don't spam. We just share priceless insides from the best localies for free. Great source to get inspired what to explore next on your vacation!