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My story

Cairo is Egypt's capital and the largest city and the biggest in the middle east. It has long roots in history that go back over a thousand years, making it one of the richest in terms of culture and archaeological significance. Some estimates put Cairo's population at nearly 20 million people, which is why Cairo is among the 20 most populated cities in the world, with this number projected to increase rapidly within the upcoming years. This was enough of a reason for the huge excitement I felt before moving here last summer with my family.

What do I do here?

🌸I'm Toqa, a girl from one of the oldest lands in the world, Egypt. I'm one of those people who try and read about simply everything, from basketball to life hacks, something as critical as biology to something as beautiful as makeup and fashion, and to add to this nerdy pile, I'm also into cooking... And yup, your typical nerd is also a reader However I can be outgoing at times, vampires need fresh air occasionally, after all, I can't be called a city gurl but still, I know enough about my city spots and all that, so I can be relied on as a tourist guide (may Allah forgive me for these lies) Lately, I've been organizing my visit to 3 countries 💗 and I'll absolutely help u with your visit to Egypt. I'll gladly be waiting for your message earth walker :)💞 I had always fantasized about living here when I grew up, where all the big action was... Where life seemed grandiose and of bigger meaning.

What's the best of my city?

visiting all the numerous monumental sites of this great great city... Seeing and experiencing the faster rhythm of life has made me rethink my traditional daily habits and try to encompass some more outdoor activities in my daily routine. _ and what might impress a traveler in Egypt is it's the architecture that mixed between French, English, pharaonic, and Islamic. And absolutely pharaonic temples and the pyramids Also, the Nile cruise here is magic at night And Cairo's nights and its lights :)

My tours secret sauce

Egypt is tourists spot but I have been always upset because they visit only famous spots in Egypt. Not the real magical ones. So some of those places is Khan el khalili Al moezz street Al Azhar park Al zamalek island And I'll not tell you the rest of my secret list 😛😛

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