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Hello everebody! I'm a traveller for all my heart. Every dream starting from a dreamer, every trevailing from a road and a traveller. I have a principe to leaving and enjoying every moment of my life. Traveling show me how is wonderful over world, but my heart is belongs to Minsk. My story is long, but if tallking at a few words.. I was born and raised in Minsk. Belarus is a country of blue lakes and rivers, clean air, endless fields and forests. All this is largely connected with the Slavic cultural group, but I will try to show you the beauty of exactly Belarusian culture. Minsk, a city in which you can be absolutely calm, despite the fact that it is the capital of our republic. Its streets are full of history, the avenues are filled with the spirit of the past with the expectation of space for the future. There are many monuments of architecture, museums. We remember and honor our history. Minsk is a rapidly developing city. At the same time, in five minutes you can visit both the XX and XXI century and look into the future for a bit. Various events and festivals also often take place in Minsk, especially in the beautiful city in the summer: musicians, open summer terraces, the whole city flourishes. If you like active rest, you can watch the city at a speed, feel its dynamics, ride with the wind on a bicycle. You can also look at Minsk. Or of you wanted just enjoying calming and nature Belarus is for you. Having learned a lot of new and interesting, you want to eat. Depending on your preferences. Hungry just after my excursion will not leave. I love Minsk very much, I want to share with you also a part of this love. We would very much like our meeting to be as informative, positive and in a sense as possible.

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