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Iulia Croitoriu

An unlimited child with an infinite smile, on a never-ending quest for summer.

Denpasar (Bali)
My story

A universal soul born in Romania, learning every day how to protect her unlimited childhood and infinite smile, in a never-ending summer. Been living in Kiev, South Africa, Germany, Thailand and Vietnam, but Bali is definitely the home closest to my character and heart. Almost 3 years on this magical island and I still scream with joy when I catch a red sunset between the palm trees while on my scooter or pass by a colourful Hindu ceremony in my tiny village. I live in a small wooden house between the jungle and the rice fields and open my own coconuts every single morning. I am a writer and an old school DJ, and the two battles I chose to fight in this life are against fast food music and animal slavery. I am a constant clown by nature, I make people laugh every chance I get, myself included. Addicted to dancing, nature and smiles. I love to help and be kind to all beings.

What do I do here?

My life was already going towards peace, health and minimalism, but since I moved to Bali, my gratitude levels skyrocketed, along with my youth. I am the proud owner of a perfectly happy and free inner child and whoever I meet I contaminated with the same energy and youth juice.

What's the best of my city?

Nature, local activities (not touristy) and the way manifestation can work in your favour on a daily basis (I will invite you to give it a try). I show you both popular and secret places through my own eyes, infusing them with my youthful energy and humour.

My tours secret sauce

My DNA is my secret ingredient. And no matter how much you pressure me into giving you the recipe, I simply cannot. It is only me who holds this balances spicy combination of both funny and peaceful, apparently confident while secretly shy, constantly full of life and curiosity, jokes, ideas, improvisations and last but not lease, the BEST road trip SOUNDTRACK of any Localie or Non-Localie you will ever meet. #tryme

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